We are here for Roz Purcell serving up some home truths about living life in the present. 

If there's one thing an Irish person won't stand for - it's being bullshitted. As we now spend an unmentionable amount of time with our gaze fixated at social platforms like Instagram, it's easier than ever to go down a rabbit hole of insecurity, self-doubt, and jealousy. (Green eyed monster, U Up?)

Case in point: any one of Rozanna Purcell's 220,000 followers would assume that the Tipperary native's life is as picture perfect and care-free as it gets. I mean, travel, endorsement deals, success as both a cookbook author and a model, AND an adorable dog?

While it's easy to judge someone's life through their filtered square uploads, Purcell made us stop and think with her latest post. Smiling in her swimsuit, the 28-year-old got real about how long it took her to gain any sort of perspective on what it means to live a balanced life. When your work involves being a health and wellness blogger, and being camera-ready at all times, it surely isn't the breeze it looks like on screen.

Image via @RozPurcell

The fitness fanatic wrote, "I can’t even tell you the amount of holidays or trips I have dodged or ruined based on the fear that I didn’t want to slip out of routine or fall off the wagon of eating “well” and training."

Purcell noted that a major change in her outlook on life came when she "started to appreciate" her body at 25. Let's bear in mind that this is someone who entered the public eye as Miss Ireland at just 18.

"I started to appreciate my body, my passion for food & the fact that this isn’t a trial run people...we’re only here once and I’m not wasting anymore time feeling guilty for enjoying food. I have honestly had the best time over the past 10 days being totally present and enjoying all the little things- ordering what I wanted to actually eat on a menu rather than choosing something I thought was the healthiest or lowest in calories ( I used to feel so unsatisfied and end up binging) sleeping in if I felt like it & demolishing bread baskets," she added.

The travel enthusiast is currently in Italy with her boyfriend, Zach Desmond - and we're glad to hear she ain't slacking on the delectable cuisine the country has to offer.

"I know whenever I speak about this kind of stuff I always get messages about how I overcame my bad relationship with food and honestly if I could sum it up in one helpful tip I would have already - it’s different for everyone and it’s something I work on all the time- have compassion for yourself, your body works hard & it’s the same one your going to have for the rest of your life. Hating it won’t make you happy or help you reach your goals but changing how you think about yourself will," she confirmed.

Kudos to Purcell, for reminding us that we're all only human, no matter how out-of-this-world our lives may look to outsiders. 

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