Instagram: @rozpurcell

Instagram: @rozpurcell

To those of you reading this that know what it's like to be pale – like sparkling in the light a la Edward Cullen kind of pale – it might come as a bit of a relief to know that Roz, the perma-golden-hued-Goddess fakes her tan, even whilst on holidays.

The tanning struggle is real, even in the depths of winter when we barely show a collective inch of skin, but keeping our faux glow looking anyway decent while on holiday is even more challenging. So, you can imagine our excitement when jet-setter and fellow Irish-skinned gal Roz Purcell revealed her secrets for faking (and maintaining) her golden hue in a recent IGTV.

Followers of Roz will know that Natural Born Feeder-founder is always traveling to the far corners of the world, showing off her well-earned, toned bod in gym and swimwear. Her limbs always look evenly bronzed and her face glowy, but never suspiciously so. See below pics for reference.

So impressive is her all-over, even shade, we just assumed Roz was one of those rare breeds of Irish gals that naturally tan, without much effort. But in her last IGTV video, coming live from Bali, Roz revealed that she does, in fact, fake her sun-kissed colour. 

Looking like ever the Island-babe, Roz confessed that when she was young, she was very careless about protecting her skin from the sun, going running everyday in South Africa without SPF and even frequenting a couple of sunbeds.

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Faking it on holidays  I love to give advice on confidence & beauty within and then sometimes I like to share my tips on beauty purely skin deepand I can confirm finding the right tan or combinations of tan/methods has taken me years to master. I’ve had loads of messages about what tan I wear on holidays because you all know I'm as pale as a milk bottle (I think類 not sure anymore ). I just uploaded an 5 minute IGTV (link in stories) of how I keep a fake natural looking tan for 2+ weeks while swimming/ training & melting in the heat without it coming off shitty (you know what I mean) 藍 I recorded this pre sun burnt bum FYI來. This is what works for me, its not sponsored just a combo of products I find actually work PS. Don’t miss my secret face tan serum in the middle of my video - I forgot to mention it at the start but you can see me applying it later on. #faketan #tan #bikini #tantutorial

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She went on to say that those days are behind her now, and instead, she just prefers to fake it via a combination of tanning products and methods that have taken her years to master. Claiming that her routine can withstand 2 weeks + of swimming, training and melting in the heat, we think all of us fair girls should try these tanning tactics for ourselves. 

Here's a breakdown of how Roz fakes her holiday tan: 

The week before: Avoid all overnight/wear off tan and instead opt for the wash off Instant varieties. This just allows your skin to be totally clean and without any of those give-away tide marks. Good old Sunshimmer is one of Roz's faves.

Rimmel Sunshimmer Instant Tan Matte Water Resistant, €6.50, Feel Unique 

The day before: Roz recommends getting a professional spray tan done. The one she gets is by Vita Liberata, in the shade Extra Dark, with 2 layers. This gives her the solid base colour which lasts the majority of her hols, with some top-ups along the way. 

While on hols: There are a few essentials that Roz always makes sure to take wither her when away, a good moisturizer, being the first. She stresses that the particular brand isn't important, but just make sure that the lotion doesn't have too high an oil content, as they can tend to break down fake tan. Avoid moisturizers with high tech acids in too, as they encourage skin exfoliation. 

Cerave Moisturising Lotion, €15.95, Beauty Expert

She also makes sure to bring a gradual tan with her, to keep her colour looking natural and bronzed. She uses the Vita Liberata version and applies it every two to three days, just before bed. On her face, she chooses Tan Luxe. 

Tan Luxe Sleep Oil Rejuvenating Miracle Tanning Oil, €39.95, Cloud 10 

Top Tip: Her overall tip for keeping your fake tan looking natural while on holidays though, is to not go too dark with it. Faking a super dark tan requires a lot of maintenance and it's not feasible when you're sweating and swimming every day, so instead, just do enough to take away the blue-white hue and have fun. 

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