It’s almost Oscar Sunday, and fashion fans around the world are gearing up to rate the stars as they walk up the red carpet. But we’re already feeling something of an anti climax. From stylists to pro active designers, red carpet dressing has become so boring. Where’s the sense of personal style? Of experimentation? And of just giving it a go?

It got us thinking of a simpler time, when stars dressed themselves and there were real winner and losers, and conversation starters.

So, here’s our five favourite Oscar moments. Not because they’re the best or most stylish, but because it was people suiting themselves. Celine, we bow down!

Bjork in 2001

Oh how we mocked, but it would appear Bjork was way ahead of her time as her iconic swan dress from Pejoski’s fall/winter 2001 runway is now on display in New York’s MoMA.

Celine Dion in 1999

It was Titanic’s year and being responsible for the world’s biggest ear worm wasn’t enough for Celine, who turned up to the Oscar’s in a backwards tux. A Dior backwards tux. She loved it then and loves it now. Saying recently that she was ahead of her time wearing it. Which is the point we suppose!

Sharon Stone in 1998

She was the world’s biggest sex symbol who had already shown us all she had (it was the Basic Instinct era) so nobody expected Sharon Stone to shock. And then she did, when in 1998 she proved once and for all that confidence is the biggest turn on, turning up to the Oscars in an Oscar de la Renta skirt with her husband’s white Gap shirt. Now that’s confidence.

Gywneth in 2002

She won for best actress in 1999 wearing a princess pink Ralph Lauren number. So when she ditched the bra and embraced the eyeliner with this McQueen dress a few years ago the world gasped. And then we loved it. It may not have been her best look but we love that she tried something new. She’s since said she should have worn a bra. Proving hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Cher in 1986

And finally, Cher in 1986. There are no words, because Cher wins the Oscars. Forever! From the abs to the feathers, this Bob Mackie look is 100% look at me but know I don’t care what you think.

True personal style!

All images courtesy of Shutterstock