The grace period is over. 

From today, Ryanair will be charging Non-Priority customers €25 to check larger 'cabin' bags at airport gates, it has confirmed.

The fee is part of its new cabin baggage rules, which only allow passengers who pay €6 - €8 for Priority Boarding to take a second, larger piece of cabin baggage on board.

'Non-Priority' passengers must travel with a small 'personal bag' only, or pay €8 in advance online to check the larger, 10kg bag into the hold.

The fee was introduced back in November at a press conference held by the airline, where spokespeople from the brand claimed that 60% of its customers would not be affected by the charges as 30% of them already buy priority boarding and another 30% travel with just one single small cabin bag.

The grace period following the new change continued until the end of that month and a reduced fee of €10 charged for checking  'gate bags' into the hold from 4 December to 7 January.

As of today, 'Non-Priority' customers who show up to the airport with an unbooked larger piece of hand luggage must pay €20 to check it at the airport bag drop desk or pay a €25 fee to have it placed in the hold at the boarding gate.

The change is designed to reduce prolonged bag tagging at the gate, a process that "has been causing delays" to the company's flight times. 

Ryanair prides itself on its speedy turnarounds.

Spokespeople at Micheal O'Leary's budget airline also said that the company does not expect to make money from this venture, as checking in a 10kg bag (€8) under the new system is significantly cheaper than the current cost of checking in a 20kg bag (€25).

A recent survey by consumer group Which? named Ryanair the worst short-haul airline in the UK for the sixth year in a row.

A Ryanair spokesperson said the airline's success was not reflected in the survey.

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