Organisation and sticking to a schedule will keep you on track today, Leo. 



You are likely to feel rested, more energised and ready for a fresh start to your day, Aries. New plans and innovative ideas will be brimming in your mind from the early hours and you will be eager to test them out. Some may be even more profitable than you had even envisioned. Don’t be jealous of what the person beside you has or owns; be thankful for your own good fortunes.


Today the things you say will probably be wise and well thought out; as a result the people around you will be coming to you for advice, as you seem to know what you are talking about – however this may only apply to the Taurus’ born in April. Be careful about how you greet someone new, first impressions are very important and especially if this is someone who will be in your life going forwards.


Perhaps adopting a new outlook or even trying to see a difficult situation from a fresh perspective could help you to see something in a very different way. Try to pay a little more attention to the consequences your actions have on other people; they may be offended and you would be none the wiser. If someone asks to you be discreet about a matter that has been discussed it’s best to do as they say.


If you’ve been feeling extra tired lately and could do with some rest then you should take advantage of the opportunity to relax this morning and catch up on some long overdue sleep. Try not to let things that have happened in the past deter you from giving something new a go in the future. A new interest that you find very appealing might appear today.


Today you will have to focus completely and give your full concentration to your career; there may be important business meetings to attend, clients to speak to or even work colleagues to liaise with. Aim to be as organised as you can throughout the day as this will in no doubt help your day to run smoothly and minimise the chance of any hiccups along the way.


Regardless of your worries, don’t allow them to stop you from going after something that you feel is right for you. Whether it’s in work or your personal life, do what makes you happy. Put the fear of the unknown to the back of your mind! Trying to please people rarely works out, so instead try to worry less about what other people think about you.


There may be a certain someone in your life that will take up a great deal of your time today, Libra. If you cannot afford this disturbance to your routine and have certain things that are crucial to get done then you will have to tell them – and sooner rather thank later! If you feel as though you have been putting yourself under lots of stress lately, then taking a step back is not a sign of weakness.


Scorpio is likely to have an important talk with their partner or spouse today where questions will be answered and some interesting things may be revealed. If there are a few people in your social circle, or even one in particular, who seems to be more concerned with themselves and what they have going on in their own life, then it might be better to concentrate on the people you feel as genuinely listening to you.


During this Saturday Sagittarius will have plenty of opportunities to catch up on some much needed rest and in the evening time they are likely to feel more refreshed and have a new lease of life. Try to avoid paying attention to gossip and idle chit chat in the later hours of the day; this is generally not very productive and doesn’t really solve anything at all.


Today is looking like it will be a good day as far as your mood is concerned and you should feel ready to face whatever challenges you come up against. If you are interested in creative hobbies and artistic endeavours these will also be successful ventures today. Perhaps it would be a good idea to run some new ideas by someone who you know will be honest with you.


Unfortunately Aquarius, you may not be feeling as confident and self-assured as you usually do today and this might even last up until the evening hours. It would probably be better if you didn’t rush into making any important decisions while you’re feeling this way. Certain people might give you reason to doubt their honesty.


Pisces, it looks like you’re in look today as someone new may come into your life and they might even bring a little romance with them! Always endeavour to be polite and friendly to the people you meet; rudeness is very off-putting to others so it’s wise to keep this in mind. Avoid dealing with issues relating to money or your finances today if possible.