You desire to be independent will be prominent today, Aries.


Your desire to be independent and make your own decisions will strengthen today and you are also likely to seek out artistic and creative ways of expressing how you’re feeling. Romance might be on the cards and the coming weeks could be full of exciting events. Maybe it would be a good idea for you to take a step back and really think about the people you spend your time with – are they right for you?


Regardless of what you had planned to get done today, sometimes things do not go to plan and there is nothing we can do about it – it’s best to just go with the flow if you find yourself in this predicament. If there is something that has been troubling you lately, speaking to someone close could help to ease the burden greatly. I you find that you are at a bit of a loose end, household chores could provide a solution to your boredom.


It can be very uncomfortable to have a conversation with someone whom we feel doesn’t have any interest in what we’re saying; stay confident and do not allow yourself to be affected by this. Now is the perfect opportunity to try something new; this might be taking up a hobby or going somewhere that you haven’t travelled to before – start exploring your possibilities!


You may find it more difficult than usual to keep things calm and under control today, Cancer. There could be some tension and hurtful comments along the way, especially if revenge is the order of the day. An unexpected meet up could spark your inquisitiveness and a world of new opportunities could be opened to you. This will give you a new zest for life.


Being capable of maintaining a healthy balance of confidence and professionalism will go a long way in the workplace. It will also stand to you if arguments are going on around and you do not want to get involved. Unfortunately you may receive, or bare the brunt of, some hurtful words from a family member or good friend throughout the day Leo. Don’t always focus on the negative, you have managed to achieve a lot if only you would allow yourself to recgonise it.


If you are extremely eager to do something and want to get started on a new project right away then go for it, but it is unadvisable to keep your plans to yourself. It’s hard to really know people so try not to take offense if someone close does not react to a situation the way you had expected or hoped they would. Dreams are great but remember that back in the real world there are bills to be paid!


Someone you know well and have a good rapport with may turn out to be a very special relationship in your life. However, do not give in too soon – the fun is in the chase! This is particularly relevant today as your thirst for adventure and excitement will be stronger than ever Libra. Close friends may be in need of some extra support.


If you have a target in mind you will be more determined than ever to achieve this today, regardless of what the goal is. However, be careful that this determination does not cause problems for you between family and friends. Think outside the box when it comes to addressing problems and solving any issues you are having. While old reliable methods are good, sometimes a fresh approach can work wonders.


New opportunities and practical options will be in abundance today Sagittarius, so be careful that you do not let any new opportunity go to waste. It might take a while to decide on the right one for you, so take your time when making a decision. While a particular issue may leave you stumped as to what the best thing to do is, trust your instincts and they won’t lead you astray.


All things dangerous and dicey will become more attractive to you Capricorn and it will be a real struggle for you to not act on these wants. Perhaps organisation and planning ahead comes naturally to you but not others; be cautious that you do not over step the mark when it comes to telling other people what to do. Your good intentions might be taken the wrong way.


Despite your tiresome efforts, you can only persuade someone so much and cannot force them to do the right thing. There are times when people have to learn the hard way for themselves in order for lessons to be learned. Competition between you and someone else may cause some tension and an antagonistic atmosphere throughout the day.


Today is the time to be brave and not hold back, particularly where new opportunities or prospective projects are in question. Success will depend on hard work and the motivation to continuously move forwards. This will complement nicely your desire to create and calm and serene atmosphere away from work and business.