You will be full of good ideas today, Libra. 



An important conversation you’ll have with someone will result in a more productive path going forwards. Regardless of how differently you and someone close feels about a particular situation, try to find something that you both agree on and put your differences aside. This will give you a sense of achievement and make you feel more at ease.


If you’re currently trying to achieve a target or goal that you have set for yourself Taurus, then it would be wise to use your talents and skills to your advantage while you have the chance. Any Taurus’ born in the month of April are likely to have a difficult start to the day, however this is likely to pass by the afternoon time. Money issues may stop you from having as much fun as you would like!


Today Gemini is looks set to have a good day as they will feel on top of the world and able to tackle anything that is thrown at them. You are likely to feel a lot more social also and will actively seek out the chance to communicate with and enjoy the company of friends. Today will also bring with a welcome break from something that ha been troubling you lately.


Cancer will have their work cut out for them today but their hard work will begin to pay off which will be encouraging and make everything worthwhile. Sometimes it’s good to do the things that scare you a little as it stops you from getting bored. If a situation arises that is causing you some stress, try to remain calm while you work out your next move.


Leo should watch out for any potential confrontations or arguments this morning and some personal grievances may arise. Be cautious about what you say though and particularly how you say it; your words have the potential to sting someone pretty badly if they aren’t thought about carefully. Don’t refuse support and help if it is being offered; it’s not a sign of weakness to admit that you could do with a little help now and then.


Virgo should look out for anyone who would be interested in lending them a helping hand this morning as you might need some help with the more unusual household chores. If you’re into science or anything technical then today is a good time to pursue these types of ventures. Don’t out too much pressure on yourself otherwise you run the risk of feeling not good enough.


Libra should be in good spirits today because it is likely that their innovative ideas will become successful and lucrative. Friends and family may be more eager than usual to offer their support or help in anyway they can – don’t turn this down! Today might mark an important turn in a relationship in your life and things should hopefully improve from now on.


The targets you have set for yourself may not seem so far away this Saturday Scorpio and you should use this as your motivation to keep moving forwards. The early hours of the day are likely to be your busiest as you will try to cram as much as you can into these hours. Spending time in the company of friends will help to lift your confidence and morale.


Even though the people you are close too are rallying around you trying to help out, it doesn’t look like it will make much of a difference to the particular issue you are dealing with today Sagittarius. You may have put in a little more effort if you want to get where you’d ideally like to be in life. Keeping your opinions to yourself could eb a bit of a challenge.


You would be wise to watch your spending today Capricorn as your finances may have seen better days and there are things you can do to change this! That said, enjoying yourself from time to time is most definitely allowed. In order to avoid last minute stress and the possibility of things not quite going to plan, it’s best to be prepared ahead of time and not leave things until the last minute.


While there are times when you don’t necessarily think things through as much as you probably should Aquarius, your caution and steady thinking when it matters most balances this out nicely. If you’ve been working on project or long-term plan for some time now, then today is probably not the nest time to begin this venture. You may meet someone new and whether this newfound friendship develops into something romantic or not, you will be glad to have meet them regardless.


Pisces would be wise to hold-off on completing anything that has a certain element of risk involved, especially in the first half of the day today. If you attempt to do something without carefully thinking it through then you may come to regret this decision in the long run. Focus your thoughts and concentrate on the things that are most important to you.