You and your other half will be on great terms today, Pisces.



Aries, you can rest assured that this Saturday you will be able to relax in the knowledge that you will not have any unexpected surprises cropping up and throwing you off course. Traditions and your usual family practices will stay the same as always today.


You are likely to meet some new people and possibly even make some new friends today Taurus, which will expand your social circle and open up your chances of doing something enjoyable with your time. However, you may notice that your partner or perhaps even a close friend may become a little jealous about the new people in your life.


Your own personal beliefs and what they represent for you will be very important for you throughout the day today Gemini. Therefore it is unlikely that you will be willing to compromise on these in order to keep someone else happy! You will feel strong and independent as a result.


Thinking things through carefully and not rushing into making hasty and impulsive decisions, will be one of your strong points this Saturday Cancer. If you’ve given people too many chances then perhaps it’s time to see them for who they really are and decide if you still want them to be a part of your life.


If you take the time to have a proper conversation with your family members today Leo and really listen to what they have to say, you may find this a very rewarding and possibly even an enlightening experience. You will not regret the time spent doing this later on in the day.


Virgo, your approach to whatever situations you may find yourself in throughout the day will be well thought-out and methodical. You are likely to follow the rules and if there is a plan in place, you will stick to it! Ideas for the future and coming up with new ideas will also be something you will excel at.


An interesting invitation will be something that Libra may find they are unable to turn down this Saturday. The event in question will be most enjoyable and you will both look and feel the part. However, if you’re not one to enjoy being the center of attention you may find having all eyes on you slightly uncomfortable.


Scorpio, you will be able to undertake and carry out any plan or project you have planned with relevant ease today. Nothing will seem like too big of a deal and your positive attitude will also have a good effect on the people you are working with.


Try and hold off on spending money frivolously this Saturday and the best way of doing this is, to avoid the shops wherever possible! However essential items are of course a necessity. Consider saving up to buy something of a higher quality as you may be much happier with the results.


You may take constrictive criticism badly today Capricorn and become highly offended by the person who has hurt your feelings. However, it would be much wiser to take a minute to process what was said before you become too defensive; they may actually have something worth listening too.


Aquarius, if given the opportunity you should endeavor to spend this Saturday completely relaxed and in the company of people who put you at ease. This time to de-stress will help you to face challenges and hurdles in the coming weeks, more calmly.


Pisces, your other half will be the person who you feel most comfortable and happy around today. You may go on a little adventure or perhaps even relax at home; either way you will be very content. Also, previous disagreements will be talked about allowing both of you to clear the air!