Embrace quiet time at home, Taurus.

On this day Arians will be preoccupied with a strained relationship with one of their relatives. You will take a step towards reconciliation, but your opponent will completely ignore your attempts, and the situation might escalate to the point where neither of you will talk to each other.

Taureans will have a very boring and monotonous Saturday. All of your leisure time will be spent at home with your immediate family. You will clean with them, go shopping, and end it off with television watching.

On the 15th of October 2016 Geminis will overreact to the actions of those around them. You will not like it when the staff of a certain institution fail to show you sufficient respect. You will start to shout and demand an apology – which they will give to you, and the incident will be over.

Cancers can expect a lot of romance today. A person who has shown interest in you for a long time will prepare a grand surprise for you which will give you a whole lot of unforgettable feelings. You will agree to start a romantic relationship with them, provided they don’t tell anyone about it.

On the 15th of October Leos will risk ruining their relationship with their significant other. In the morning you will create a major scandal, directly after which your loved one will storm out of the house. You won’t wait for them to come back – instead, you will “hang out” with close friends.

Virgos will spend this day at work. You will agree to help your manager do an urgent project, which you will be promised a major bonus for. You will address the urgent matter, and your boss will immediately hand you an envelope with a large amount of money in it. In this way you will get money to spend your Saturday evening in an unforgettable way.

On the 15th of October Libras will turn to alternative medicine for help. One of your relatives will catch a mild disease, and you will decide that it can be rectified without pharmaceuticals. After studying it for hours on the internet, you will have to draw a disappointing conclusion – you will find out that in some cases alternative medicine is strictly out of the question.

Scorpios will spend the day in the pleasant company of the members of their household. You will all go for a walk together, tidy up the home, and visit good friends in the evening. There you will have an impromptu quiz, play karaoke, dance, and mess around.

On this day Sagittarians will squabble with their best friend. You won’t be able to resolve a certain matter, and you will make a decision to never cross paths again. In anger you will even delete your friend from your friend list on social media. In the evening your friend will come over and apologize, and all will be well between you again.

Today Capricorns will be fixated exclusively on material things. You will refuse to visit close members of the family who have had some happy development in their lives. Instead, you will go to an official event. You will look for someone among the high-profile individuals present who could give you protection in work matters, but unfortunately you won’t find such a person, and the time will be completely wasted.

Today Aquarians will conduct an experiment on their appearance. You will dye your hair or have it cut and also acquire one or two new things which are out of your normal style. Although you will be happy with the change in your appearance, your significant other will immediately tell you that your style is not at all to their liking.

Pisces will have a rather boring Saturday. Early in the morning one of your elderly relatives will show up at your front door, and you will spend the entire day entertaining your gray-haired guest.