Treat yourself this Saturday, Virgo!



Aries, it looks like you will have a lot to consider and really think about over the next couple of days. There might be something in particular that has been bothering you recently and you’ll be anxious to find a solution. Remember to look on the bright side though.


You’ll be more content and relaxed than usual this Saturday Taurus, so take advantage of this and spend some enjoyable time with friends or family. If you notice that someone you care about is acting strangely then perhaps they may need someone to talk to?


Gemini, things which are familiar and predictable are what you’ll be most drawn to this Saturday. If you’ve been meaning to get back I touch with a good friend recently, then this weekend seems like a good time to do so. You may also get a little perspective on a current situation.


Be brave today Cancer and challenge yourself; you may be surprised that this is the best way to challenge your fears, by facing them head on. You’ll be able to find a silver lining to whatever situation you find yourself in, and people will respect you for it.


Leo, regardless of how intimidating you find talking to new people and being in an unfamiliar situation, this Saturday would be a good opportunity for you to break out of your comfort zone once and for all. You never know when you will meet someone special!


Treat yo’self this Saturday Virgo! Its seems as though you have been really working hard lately and giving one hundred percent to whatever task you have been assigned, so why should not get yourself something nice? Don’t go too crazy though.


Libra, today is likely to be one of those days where you will find it hard to get a minute to rest. With so much to complete and loads on your plate, you will endeavor to keep going until everything has been complete. However, don’t pass up the opportunity to have a night out.


You’ll be able to spot a liar or someone who is not exactly who they say they are a mile away this Saturday, Scorpio. As always, trust your intuition when struggling with to give an answer or make an important decision.


A little adventure is something you’re likely to be very used to Sagittarius, and this Saturday will be no different in this regard. Therefore you’ll consider getting a group of friends together and spend the day doing something fun and exciting.


Capricorn it looks like you will be doing one or other of the following things today; taking it a little easier and enjoying the fact that your hard work had really paid off, or else you’ll be working round the clock to get everything done!


This Saturday you may struggle to clearly express yourself to other people and this may become a hindrance if you feel like you have a valid point to make. Therefore, consider waiting until a day where you feel more confident.


Pisces, you may be surprised by the person or even persons, you run into unexpectedly today. While you may be a little unsure of how to handle this meeting at the beginning, soon enough you will feel much more comfortable.