You’ll see trouble from afar today, Gemini.



Aries, no matter how great all of your strengths are when combined, it seems that you will still have to be very careful around people who were born under the sign of Scorpio. They could have the potential to bring the worst out in you so as long as you are aware of this, you’ll be able to do something about it!


You are naturally a reliable person with practical wants, therefore it will take those around you a long time (and even more effort) to really make you angry this Christmas Eve. This may annoy them greatly so don’t be offended by what the might say to get a reaction from you.


Gemini, your clever nature and ability to spot trouble well in advance will serve you very well this Saturday, particularly around people who seem to think that they are able to out smart you in some way. Let them think this for as long as they wish – this will give you the upper hand eventually.


Your natural instinct will be to avoid drama and aggression of any sort at all costs, so if the opportunity to hang around for an argument or get out of there as fast as possible arises, you know which one you are most likely to choose Cancer. Finish the year on a good note and forget about the tension!


Leo, try not to be so sensitive going forwards; if someone comments on something you do or say, don’t automatically assume that they are trying to hurt your feelings as the opposite is mist likely true. Other people might be glad of the friendly suggestions and it’s likely they assume you would be grateful too.


While you may be very careful about how you speak to people and will always go out of your way to be kind and not cause offense, others may not think like this. Therefore, don’t inject yourself into other people’s business when it’s not needed.


Libra, if you have a point to make this Saturday by all means go ahead and make it. However, nobody wants to sound like a broken record, or (enjoys one for that matter) so try not to repeat yourself too many times! Christmas Eve is for having fun so remember this.


Even you might struggle to properly work out how you’re feeling this Saturday. Your mood may be a little odd and the people you’re close to will notice this, so don’t be too confused if they start asking some questions. It’s likely this is coming from a place of concern and kindness.


Sagittarius, there will be no messing about with you this Saturday as you will be very direct in everything that you do. Decisions will be made decisively and tasks will be completed in record time. However, remember that it’s OK to take your foot off the pedal and to chill out for a while as well.


If you constantly strive to be perfect and rarely let people see how you’re really feeling, eventually you might end up taking all of your emotions out n the wrong individual. Consider being a little more open with those around you – you’re human after all!


Aquarius, while you’re not exactly one to go out and have an all out row with the first person you meet, you will stick to your guns when it comes to your beliefs and how you view right from wrong. This passion will help to make you the person that you are and others will respect your willpower.


Unfortunately, it seems as thought people are more likely to hurt you today, then you are, them. However, try to keep in mind that two wrongs don’t make a right, so be your own person regardless of what other people do!