Spend time with the people you love today, Sagittarius.



Aries, it seems as though this Saturday will not be
a particularly exciting one for you, but still very pleasant nevertheless. The chance to spend time wit friends will not appeal to you as much as staying in and catching up on your favourite trash TV.


This Saturday could be your lucky day Taurus as you may notice a great increase in your personal funds. However don’t be tempted to spend this all at once, save a little for a rainy day. Time wasting will annoy you greatly.


Gemini, being there for someone when they need you most will be something you will face today, when a good friend or family member will require your support. Remember to spend time with people you admire and feel you can learn a lot from as time passes very quickly.


Don’t put off getting something checked out if it is causing you concern; why not just out your mind at ease and avoid all the unnecessary worrying?! If you’ve a tendency to be stubborn then you may have to reign this in today.


Romance will be in the air for you today Leo, where you will meet a new friend and the relationship that developed will become very important to you. Don’t be opposed to meeting people the old fashioned way. If all else fails, at least you’ve made a new friend!


Virgo, it seems unlikely that you will spend very much time at home or in familiar surroundings this Saturday and a lot more likely that you will be out and about. Maybe a surprise trip will pop up at the last minute or a holiday you’ve been looking forward to for ages.

Rest and relaxation will be number one for Libra today, whereby you will try your best to get of any strenuous tasks and chores. However, be careful that you don’t come across as lazy to the people around you.


Scorpio, you will guard your personal life very carefully this Saturday and will not use it as idle gossip or chit chat like some of the people in your social circle. If you’ve been going through some tough times lately, then this will be even more obvious.


Spending time with the people whose company you enjoy the most will do you the world of good this weekend Sagittarius. Don’t put this off for too long though; regardless of the more, so-called, important thing you can find to do.


Capricorn, don’t turn down the opportunity to give romance a shot today. Give someone a chance if they impress you, even if they’re not your usual type. You never know what could happen – it might just be the best decision of your life!


Aquarius there will be a huge load lifted off your shoulders today whereby you will no longer be burdened by a longstanding debt or burden of some kind. This may have been a financial problem or an issue of another kind but whatever the case, it will be a relief.


Today you will be more than willing to help your other half out if they need some help Pisces. You will also be a lot more likely to believe what you are told and take it to be true, without questioning much – or perhaps anything at all even!