No one likes a try-hard, Pisces.



This Saturday Aries, will be very keen to spend the day in the company of family members and close friends. There may be a get-together happening and this small gathering could turn into a large party! There is a possibility that someone you don’t necessarily trust will d something to prove your suspicions right.


Regardless of how you usually react to situations where you feel that someone has been wronged, today it seems as though you will feel it is best to stay out of other people’s business. There may be an element of selfishness involved in this, in that you don’t want to loose any friends yourself!


Gemini, today your biggest challenge will be to tackle and deal with issues that have arisen within your family recently. It’s possible that you simply haven’t had a proper chance to address them lately, however now it is becoming a necessity. Having a relaxing weekend will be the last thing on your mind.


Love will be in the air for you today Cancer; you might suddenly, and unexpectedly, realise that someone you’ve known for a long time is more than just a friend! They will spoil you with loads of romantic treats. However this might al feel very rushed and you’ll ask a pal for advice.


Leo, try not to rush into making a decision about anything today, particularly if you feel like someone is putting you under pressure to do so. How other people perceive you is something you will work very hard on, as your reputation means a lot and you would like to keep it that way.


Unusually, this Saturday will see Virgo take a big leap of faith and be completely honest with a person, they generally have to tip toe around. While there is a chance you may not get the response you were hoping for, and an even bigger chance they will not like what you have to say, you will feel very relieved.


Libra, try your best not to overdo it throughout the day. You might think you are fine and will keep going until you are physically not able to any longer, however this will certainly not help you in the long run. Housework and a list of endless chores will be on your mind once you wake up.


Dealing with big news and the changes that go with it as a result, is something Scorpio will respond very maturely to throughout the day. Your kind and selfless side will be present this weekend, when you will choose to out your own wishes aside in order to make someone else happy.


Sagittarius may go through a period change and questioning this Saturday. However, be careful that you don’t take this too overboard whereby you begin to second-guess yourself and your actions. Don’t be tempted to rate your success on how much money you make!


Today you may struggle with not having many things to occupy your mind and this boredom could lead you to making some silly mistakes. Be careful that you do not become complacent in your work and endeavor to always maintain a high standard with anything you do.


Aquarius, you will be very secure within yourself today and the things people say in order to get a reaction out of you, will not effect you! This confidence will enable you to make the right choices, no matter what situation you find yourself in this Saturday. Both you and your other half will avoid an argument at all costs.


No one likes a try-hard, and it can be very obvious if you are going out of your way to impress someone. Therefore, as difficult as it may be, try to be as natural as possible and don’t pretend to be someone, or something you’re not. However, keep in mind that dressing to impress does work wonders!