Romance will be on your mind today, Scorpio.



Aries, remember that the more you’re willing to do for other people, the more they’ll let you! Be careful that you’re not taken advantage of and that others aren’t using your kind nature for their own benefit.


If you’re very career-minded then this Saturday this isn’t going to change at all! While the rest of your pals might be thinking about how they’re going to spend their Saturday night, you’ll be focused on the next working week!


Gemini, it seems as though any friends of yours who were born under the sign of Leo, will be the people who will encourage you to go out and have a good time this weekend. You’re going to find this hard to turn down.


You may notice that you’ve grown very close to someone you work with lately and this may come as somewhat of a surprise to you, but not necessarily to the people around you. The people you care about most will e the people you will put first.


Leo, even though you may be going about your business having the absolute time of your life, this Saturday it would be very wise to take the feelings of the people you’re close to, into account.


You’ll have an abundance of energy throughout the day Virgo, so put this to good use by finishing off all of those odd jobs you’ve been meaning to get around to recently! You’re loyalty to friends will be very obvious throughout the day.


Libra, use any spare time (or money) you may have throughout the day to help the people in your community; this doesn’t necessarily have to be a big fancy gesture, it could be something as simple as chatting to someone who could do with seeing a friendly face.


This Saturday Scorpio will be very focused on romantic endeavors and seeing if any potential relationships could be the real thing. However, don’t be too disappointed if things don’t work out as you had planned.


Sagittarius, one of your hidden traits is that you love to learn, and this will very quickly become known to the people around you today. If someone has something interesting to say, you’ll be one of the first to listen.


Today is likely to be one of those days whereby Capricorn will be able to tune out all of the distractions that are going on around them and be able to focus completely on the task at hand. This will be important as you may have something important coming up.


Aquarius, rather than go completely against someone or something that you disagree with, today your time seems like it would be better spent focusing on the things that you do have the power to do something about. Be individual and don’t let someone take that away from you!


Don’t be too concerned with what other people thin today, as it’s likely that there opinion won’t matter to you in the long run, so why let it bother you now? However you may find it difficult to make a decision fast or decisively.