Lucky for you Capricorn you’ll have lots of spare time today. 



Aries should spend some time carefully considering their future, and their career in particular. If you have been going through some financial difficulties of late as well, then today is a good time to try and figure these out too. People may try to pull the wool over your eyes and even lie to your face throughout the day, so be on your guard and don’t always take people at face value.


Unfortunately for you Taurus, the early hours and evening time will leave you feeling uneasy, as plans will not work out as you had hoped. Towards the nighttime you will be less concerned with this and it will not bother you quite so much. You might be inclined to spend a little extra cash in the days ahead, however your financial standing may not allow this to be possible.


The end off the month will be the time where all of Gemini’s strengths and talents will have the opportunity be to showcased. Today however, you should not try to fix any major or lingering problems that you have been having recently – this will be more successful if left for another time. While the prospect of an unplanned trip might excite you, it’s best to avoid these as they may not work out as well as you may think.


You may experience some unexpected emotions and be feeling a little uneasy throughout the day. If you have been making some meaningful improvements around the house lately these will continue to make a difference, and a positive one at that. A project that you have been dreaming up may have the opportunity to become a reality. You may be more inclined to offer a helping hand to other people too.


Smaller, minor issues and obstacles will tend to get in your way today Leo and this may become very agitating as the day goes on. Even though you might mean well, it’s best not to make any promises you’re not sure you’ll be able to keep – you run the risk of disappointing people and breaking their trust otherwise. The side of you that looks forward to the exciting and impulsive things in life will be brought to the fore today.


Virgo should use this day as a chance to seek out new and meaningful opportunities that they can separate from their normal, day-to-day lives. Follow your instincts when it comes to meeting new people and if you are forced to make a decision; you’re first impression is rarely wrong, so keep that in mind. What other people expect and the standard they have set for you might encourage you to work harder.


It’s rare that you get the chance to spend the day lazing around and doing as you please so you should take this opportunity and enjoy it while you can Libra. Some exercise or a walk in the fresh air is a good way of clearing your mind if there are certain things that have been bothering you. While you have a natural ability to listen well to other peoples’ problems, it’s worth keeping in mind that sometimes all people want it someone to do is listen – not someone to give them advice!


If you allow yourself to let go and relax a little you will feel less tense and stressed. Take some time to enjoy the company of your partner or other half, Scorpio. Regardless of how much work you have to do, working until all hours of the night doesn’t really make sense; remember that you have a life outside of work too! Any personal or sensitive issues you have been trying to figure out recently may reach a defining point today.


Avoid undertaking any strenuous or physically challenging activities in the morning hours today Sagittarius. If you have some extra time, look for ways in which you can be of use to your family or close friends – they will, in no doubt, be very grateful for the extra support. Staying close to the people that matter the most to you will be on the top of your priority list.


Lucky for you Capricorn you will have oodles of time to do as you please throughout the day, although you may find yourself more restricted in the evening hours. You could use this as a good opportunity to spend some time with your other half to reintroduce some romance back into the relationship. You may feel more passionate about particular subjects and as a result the conversations you have will be more intense.


Any Particularly draining chores or tasks that require your undivided attention are best tackled in peace and quiet, preferably in the comfort of your own home. Once you have completed these jobs, it’s quite all right to take some time to chill out and rest up. Any Aquarius’ born in the middle of February will feel mixed and untrustworthy feelings towards other people during the day.


A long walk in the fresh air or the countryside will be extremely beneficial to Pisces today, and catching up with people you’ve not seen in a while will be a welcome treat. It’s best not to limit yourself too much, this could leave you afraid to explore new things and go after ambitious opportunities. If you are offered something that seems hard to believe, it’s likely that it’s not a sincere opportunity.