Taking a step back can help you to see things in a different way, Leo. 



Despite your eagerness to get involved in a creative project it’s better to hold off on committing to any new plans just yet as you need to keep your already existing responsibilities at the top of your priority list. Give your usual day-to-day routine a bit of a shake up by looking for ways to make boring chores, slightly more appealing.


You might notice that the exciting new changes in your life are making your ‘old life’ seem quite mundane in comparison. If you choose to share this information with people, be careful not to offend people with your comments though. Sometimes people can come across as distant and cold without meaning to be this way; if you experience this today, don’t feel like you are to blame.


You may feel as though your home life could do with a bit of a boost, as you might be bored with your current daily routine – add some excitement by doing something spontaneous. On a more serious note would more space make a big difference and if so, is adding on an extension an option? The food you’re eating has a lot to do with the way that you feel.


Even though everything may be falling into place at the moment try not to get too comfortable with your current situation as it may not last forever and will be much more difficult to adjust if things change drastically. The possibility of furthering your education and maybe even going back to college might be of interest to you.


Leo will be more than willing to lavish their current love interest with attention throughout the day. It might be a good idea to take a step back and look at things from a different point of view if you feel as though your vision has been somewhat clouded lately. Family and friends may be keen for you to offer your support or help to something they have been working on.


Being in a relationship requires a lot of compromise and if you and your other half have quite different personalities then it’s important that you work on this to keep relations good. Even though you generally don’t get jealous of other people, today you might find that you will want what someone else has.


If you’re travelling today or perhaps even about to set off on an adventure Libra, then be prepared for all possibilities as your trip might to turn out more eventful than you had anticipated. The character traits or someone you work with may begin to get on your nerves, however given that you’ll most likely have to spend time in their company regardless, it’s best to let any differences between you both to blow over. 


While your current situation might require you to be a little more frugal than usual and your plans for the future have become a little more streamlined at the moment, don’t panic; things are unlikely to be this way forever. Be careful who you take advice from today Scorpio. Your inquisitive side and the part of you that loves adventure will be very strong.


You will have to be as professional as possible today Sagittarius as you might be called upon to preform a task or specific job. This may cause you to become a little stressed as your (already-made) plans will now be interrupted. While you might really want a particular item have a think about if it is actually a necessity or not. Could your money be put to better use?


Regardless of the wide variety of choices that you currently have at your disposal, you are still likely to choose the option that is most familiar to you and possibly one that you have gone down before Capricorn. If this didn’t work out so well last time, maybe you should consider doing things differently this time?


Today will be all about improving on what you currently have or going after the things you want the most – like finding a way of becoming more financially secure or not being afraid to advance up the career ladder. You may come up against some pretty inconvenient obstacles along the way. Try a new activity or something that gets your adrenaline going.


You might be feeling particularly enlightened today Pisces and this will encourage you to lend a helping hand to anyone who could do with your help. Your attitude and outlook on life could be changed or greatly tested today and it may cause you to question other decisions you have made in the past. You should focus mainly on the things that are sure to be worth your while.