You might be into taking the easy way out today, Taurus. 



Aries would be better off paying more attention to the smaller, less taxing projects throughout the day and leave the big stuff for another time. Now is not the best day to be too strict with yourself, or too stringent with the rules. Find other ways of expressing how you feel rather than just getting angry; a creative pastime is always a good idea. A distraction or an interruption will be a welcome break from your routine.


Taurus will not be into any difficult chores or tasks that require lots of effort today so instead they will opt for the easier, more enjoyable option if given the choice. Rest up and seek out opportunities to relax and de-stress throughout the day and this will be even more beneficial if carried out in tranquil surroundings. An influential person may unintentionally inspire you to take the necessary steps towards your goal.


Gemini can look forward to experiencing a sense of freedom during this Saturday. The energy that surrounds you today will generally be positive and this will also have an effect on the people you are in contact with throughout the day. However this sense of calm may be interrupted later in the evening by an unexpected journey or a situation that needs to be taken care of.


Cancer would be wise to keep their day pretty clear and try not to take on too many tasks if at all possible. However this is not an excuse to completely sit back and skive off; it’s always important to keep your mind active and alert. Sometimes the opinions of others are far more valuable than we realise and especially if you know that you can trust what these people are saying.


Leo can relax in the knowledge that today is unlikely to present any disturbances, unusual stumbling blocks or hurdles. Therefore, you will be able to trust the path you have chosen. It is possible that a relationship you have with an old friend or a contact that lives far away, will develop into something more that could lead to romance. You may get a surprising insight into an issue that has been on your mind for some time. Endeavour to be more adventurous and daring.


Virgo will be getting something of an attitude overhaul today where they will find themselves fed up of certain behaviours and will be unwilling to hold their tongue for much longer. The days of you putting up with troublesome people and those that take you for granted are long gone. This turnaround will leave you feeling exhilarated and ready to face the future.


You could well find yourself caught up in an enthralling conversation between a large group of people Libra; this is likely to be your family and wider circle of relatives. A vivid imagination goes a long way when trying to envision something that currently looks pretty dismal. Staying on the right side of people you would normally butt heads with is never going to be easy but the effort you have been making lately looks like it is about to pay off.


Use the early hours of the day and the latter hours of the evening time today to sort out and make a final decision on a new project that you have been working on a lot in recent weeks. Completing boring and mundane everyday chores might cause you rethink some of the decisions you have made. If you find that someone really gets on your nerves perhaps it is because their personality and yours are just not suited.


Taking on any major projects or undertakings, especially if they are new or have only begun recently, is ill advised today. However if you are in the mood to do something a little more fun, like visit a theme park, this sort of activity will be extremely welcomed. A certain someone whom you’ve liked for quite a while now, might make the first move towards turning friendship into romance.


If everything seems to be going well for you lately, then you would be forgiven for thinking that the worst is behind you. Perhaps this is true, however don’t walk around with your head in the clouds and it is always wise to have a back up plan in case things don’t work out. A good friend will be there for you when you need some advice and support and this will make you feel better about whatever it is that has been bothering you.


Aquarius is lucky today because it is likely that the majority of their interactions and communications will be calming and harmonious. Put any untruths that you have heard recently to the back of your mind and don’t allow this negativity to take over your overall mood. While it’s generally good to give people the benefit of the doubt, be cautious that you’re not continuously making allowances for other peoples mistakes.


Pisces should not bother themselves with too many taxing jobs this Saturday as all work related matters should be put to the back of their mind. The chance to kick back and relax needs to be grabbed with both hands, should the opportunity present itself. Don’t deny yourself a treat – if you want something sweet then have it!