Chat to friends if there’s a lot on your mind, Pisces. 



The tendency to allow yourself to get completely lost in your daydreams will only get stronger as the day goes on Aries. Luckily for you, daydreams don’t necessarily require a realistic outlook. You may also develop an interest in an unusual hobby and become quite taken with it. If you have some spare time throughout the day then you could use this as an opportunity to get some extra housework finished.


While setting a target for yourself and aiming to achieve set goal is a great way of getting motivated, be careful that you don’t take this too far and become completely consumed by the end result. You may find that the more beautiful things that catch your attention throughout the day will be very difficult to forget about.


If you get the urge to travel somewhere new then you should explore this desire further; this doesn’t necessarily have to be very far away, but simply just a change of scenery. Or perhaps a holiday might be a more suitable option? You may be beginning to realise that someone you’ve met recently, holds very different values to your own.


Be cautious of people who seem too goo to be true; if they are somewhat over enthusiastic about becoming your friend, it might be because it will benefit them a lot more than it will you. If you’ve been consistently working on the same idea for some time now and you’re beginning to loose the momentum you had at the beginning of the project, take a break – a fresh perspective could work wonders.


Any Leo’s who were born in the month of August might find themselves a little bit lost or confused throughout the day and it might be becoming increasingly more difficult to figure out the right path or what direction to go in. Perhaps this feeling of uncertainty has something to do with what you have experienced recently.


Try not to limit your skill set Virgo and instead it is a much better option to always be on the lookout for ways that you can improve and progress. If you know you’re going to be pretty busy in the weeks ahead, then maybe saying no to a few nights out here and there would be a good idea. It’s possible that your interests are changing and meeting new people who share your ideas might interest you.


Libra should make the most of their weekend and use this Saturday as an opportunity to catch up with friends in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. You might even surprise your other half with a romantic date or two. Any interests that you have of a creative nature are likely to be successful throughout the day.


Any Scorpios with a keen interest in music should allow themselves to explore this talent further throughout the day. History and indeed the history of your own family and ancestors might capture your attentions today and could open you up to a whole new hobby or passion. If you’ve been feeling a bit down lately then perhaps a good night out with close friends will help you to get back on track.


Sagittarius, you’re probably better off not going ahead with any new business ventures, or talks associated with future projects today as well. Being disorganised or under prepared will not do you any favours today either, so you’re better off only opting for events that have been well though out and planned in advance. You might meet someone new who unsettles you somewhat.


Capricorn, the good thing about this Saturday is you will have plenty of opportunities to try something new and not feel like you’re forced to do the same thing over and over again. You’re allowed to break the rules and go against the grain a little! It can be healthy to have some space from people, even those you are closest to at times.


Any Aquarius’ born in the month of February will have very specific views and beliefs this weekend and it will be very difficult for others to try and change their mind. If you’re easily led astray, make a conscious effort not to follow the crowd. It might also be time for a change; either in your life on perhaps even at work? Have a think about this and see if there is anything you would like to work on.


Pisces should take care of themselves today as it’s unlikely to be the best time for them to take part in any energetic or particularly strenuous activities. Talking things through with the people you are closest to is always helpful when you need to get something off your chest. Be more open to experiencing new things and it never hurts to be a little more adventurous either!