You might find it hard to forget yesterday’s events, Cancer.



Aries, now might not be the best time to start something new, so perhaps it’s best to hold off and wait for another time. That said, you could use this spare time to really focus on the tasks that you are currently working on. You might run into a group of friends and enjoy a spontaneous night out or a relaxed evening in. Some of your other plans could change.


Even though you generally work hard al day long, today you may be inclined to take somewhat of a back seat, but don’t be too hard on yourself because of this – it’s the weekend after all! If you’re keen to make new friends and expand your social circle then it will require some effort on your behalf.


Gemini, it’s up to you to show other people your best qualities today so don’t wait around for others to notice them on their own. Remember to always remain polite and don’t be too forceful when trying to make something happen. Someone in particular will appreciate your individual quirks.


This morning may not be the brightest one for you Cancer as the events of recent days are likely to be still playing heavily on your mind. This could make it harder for you to focus on what you need to get done and your other responsibilities. Try not to get too worked up though as this will only make matters worse.


Think very carefully before you make any long lasting decisions today Leo, sometimes stepping away from the situation and seeing things from a new perspective can alter your actions greatly. Your usual ability to keep your calm and cool during a difficult conversation may not be a strong as it generally is.


Virgo, your creativity levels and the innovative streak within you will have little difficulty coming up with fresh and promising ideas throughout the day. Look for advice if you find that you’re at a bit of a crossroads and unsure if what direction to go in next. Perhaps you know what you want but are afraid to admit it?


You will be on the lookout for all that is new and unfamiliar to you today Libra; the usual everyday things in your life will, unfortunately, not be very appealing. This will inspire you and help you to move forwards with any projects you have in mind. Important conversations, and possibly even revelations, that need to be had look like they will go pretty well for you today also.


Try your best (regardless of how difficult it can be at times) to get along with the people around you; whether they are family or the people you work with, it will make your days a lot easier. Don’t make a big deal out of a small problem as its most likely very easily solved. Those whom you feel you can be yourself around will be the people you are most anxious to see.


Sagittarius may notice themselves gravitating towards the unusual and unfamiliar today and this may take them by surprise. Don’t necessarily believe everything you hear, or are told for that matter, as the chances of wires getting crossed or rumors starting are very high. If you’ve been thinking about making a change for some time now, then why wait any longer?


It’s not a bad idea to keep a back up plan in your pocket Capricorn, especially when making plans for the years ahead, as a rainy day generally doesn’t give much notice of its arrival. An unsuspecting idea could turn out to be very profitable indeed. Don’t allow other people to put you under too much pressure.


Unfortunately Aquarius, it looks like you will be guided by your emotions throughout the ay – and not necessarily in a good way. Therefore, if you find yourself having to make an important decision, try to give a general and unbiased answer. If something is troubling you, a long walk or some exercise can help to clear your mind.


Pisces, you will be weak to the influence of other people this Saturday so be careful with your actions and words, and make sure they are your own and not someone else’s! Breaking from your usual daily routine can be fun and exciting, however remember to consider the impact it will have on everyone else also.