Focus on the bigger issues and let the small ones go, Virgo.



Today looks like it will be a busy one for you Aries, where you will be kept on your toes (and very active – throughout the day. You will be able to hold yourself well if you find yourself in the middle of a disagreement or some other situation in your personal life.


Moodiness and bad humour may well determine how well you interact with those around you. If you don’t feel like making small talk, this will be obvious to the people who know you well. Be careful not to make any impulsive or irrational decisions.


Gemini, you will have more of an interest in material goods today, but it’s a good idea to carefully consider what you decide to spend your money on. Physical activities and staying busy will be important to you throughout the day.


You will be able to get your own way (and very often at that) today cancer, and it’s quite possible the reason behind this will be your natural ability to charm those you are in contact with and put people at ease. Music and interests of that nature will become an enjoyable hobby.


Leo, it would be in your best interest to try and control your temper today, as otherwise you could find yourself in some very unpleasant situations. Make a conscious effort to not say the first thing that pops into your head and instead, think things through.


Avoid spending too much time focusing on small, minor details that really are not that important. Don’t hold grudges or questioning things that people have said to you in the past. Like always, you will do your best and may even go out of your way to help other people.


Libra may find themselves slightly un easy if they feel as though someone in particular is acting somewhat cold or peculiar towards them. Their mission will be to get to the bottom of the issue and solve the problem! You may try to please people in a position or power or work colleagues.


Today is your lucky day Scorpio as this Saturday you are likely to experience many new things and there may be a few surprises in store also – and good ones at that! Try not to be so caught up with facts and plans, aim to ‘live in the moment’ a bit more.


A busy day lies ahead for Sagittarius this weekend; you may find yourself on your feet and kept going all day, so be prepared. If you have developed a particular interest or hobby recently, the today you may well have the chance to explore this in more depth.


Capricorn’s artistic side and creative personality will provide even more beneficial than usual this Saturday, so keep your eyes peeled for any potential opportunities that may come your way. Regardless of how unlikely an idea may seem at the time, be sure to consider everything!


Your sense or right and wrong and possible feelings of injustice (either for yourself or someone else) will be very strong this weekend Aquarius, leading you to feel very passionately about something someone else does, or doesn’t do for that matter! Be sure to clear up any crossed wires or miscommunication sooner rather than later!


Making an extra effort is something that will become very familiar to you this Saturday Pisces, including hard work and al that goes with it! However, it’s likely that a kind gesture or happy event will brighten up your day no end. This will mean a lot to you.