Other people may cause trouble for you today, Scorpio!



Aries, your actions may be dictated by how you are feeling this Saturday morning. Try to put your personal preferences and ideas to one side when required to make a non-biased decision. Don’t get too ahead of yourself, until you have all the facts and information that your require.


The earlier parts of the day today, might not be the most successful for Taurus as it has the potential to highlight some problems that may have been previously overlooked. Because of this, you’re better off putting a temporary hold on any plans you have been making recently until the next few weeks settle down and become a little clearer.


Gemini’s interests will be unusual and far-reaching today; this doesn’t necessarily just include new and exciting hobbies, you might also take a keen interest in history or other subjects of that nature. You are likely to see some of your most brave and boldest ideas come to life.


While it’s good to have a strong connection with your beliefs and attitudes towards certain situations, don’t let this go so far as to blind you from the opinions of other people. Just because you don’t agree with someone, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re wrong.


Leo would be better off leaving any difficult or uncomfortable conversations for another time as it is unlikely that these talks will go well, particularly if they are had with family or close friends. Decisiveness and a clear sense of direction will be something you are lacking this Saturday.


Virgo, don’t convince yourself that you’re the only one who doesn’t need to take some time off and have a break. If you ignore your health you may come to regret it at a later stage, so if the opportunity to have some time to yourself arises, grab it with both hands!


Keeping your emotions in check will do you a lot of good today Libra; even though you might not feel like putting on a brave face, if the situation requires it you will have to do your best. Having a good night out with friends might be just what you need.


Scorpio, someone who is stubborn and particularly forceful when trying to get their way, may cause some trouble for you today. As you are aware, this attitude will not help you to make many friends, and as a result you will do your best to behave in the opposite way.


It’s likely that Sagittarius may experience a few difficulties with their family and close ones throughout the day; relationships could go through some rough patches, but if you give things enough time, they should work out ok in the end.


Capricorn, it’s advisable if you try not to get too offended or take things too seriously today, as most of what people say will be said in jest and not meant to offend in any way. Avoid finding too many reasons to justify the actions of other people or yourself for that matter, and take responsibility for your own actions.


Aquarius, if you’ve been feeling the tension between you and another person over the past few days, be prepared for everything to be let out in the open today. While it’s not an ideal circumstance, it’s possible that this will actually improve things in the long run.


Sometimes it’s better to let things happen of their own accord Pisces; for example, if you are wishing and hoping for a development of some sort, it’s not advisable to rush this in any way. If someone asks for your honest opinion then you should tell them exactly how you feel, although be careful how you go about this.