Focus on yourself today, Gemini.

It would be beneficial for the Rams to tidy things up both at home and at work. Your romantic contacts – if you value them and consider one of your main treasures – should also be put within certain boundaries. This is a wonderful time for purchases. You may safely buy gifts, regular household items and long investments.

The day is good for harmonious expression and application of your natural skills especially if you are May Taurus. You may safely demonstrate to the world your artistic, practical and administrative talents as well as your taste and style. You will be responsible, reliable and enjoyable in communication, but also somewhat passive.

Contacts, errands, studying and gathering information is becoming more important. If you were born in May, you will mostly likely prefer to personally direct communication, choose itineraries and sources of information. Avoid dispersing your focus; you should also avoid strenuous mental activities and quarrels with people around you.

In order to achieve your goals, you should be not only disciplined and patient, but cunning and smooth to a degree, too. Rely on those who have earned your trust. The day is good for working on the current projects, but is not very suitable for starting new undertakings.

Don’t be chasing after novelties. Instead, work on strengthening your current connections and don’t be trying to help things along. Try to improve relationships with your management, colleagues, family members and those who you secretly find attractive.

September 10, 2016, is rather successful if you like to act according to the plan by thoroughly thinking every step through. If you listen to others’ opinion too often or if you hustle by running ahead of you, many of today’s good chances will remain underutilized.

You may safely address the matters associated with selling/buying real estate, taxation, inheritance and property insurance, taking out mortgage or other kinds of loans under favorable terms. Those undertakings will prove most successful that have been initiated in accordance with some official system, agreement or current legislation.

This is a successful day for striking a deal especially if your cooperation has financial underpinnings to it. Today you may rely on those you deal with: you will not be deceived or framed. This is not the best time for changing the rules of the game.

Today moderation and accuracy are more than welcome. Sense of duty, heightened responsibility, diligence, peace-keeping attitudes, aesthetic sense and conscious adherence to professional or some other kind of etiquette will also be helpful.

September 10, 2016, is a perfect day. Your calculations will prove right and your wishes will come true as if by magic. But all these blessings are guaranteed only on condition that you act in accordance with your standard familiar beliefs and long-standing professional and aesthetic norms.

The day is favorable for household maintenance tasks, various must-dos and serving your duty to your parents. You may succeed as a realtor, landscape designer and party organizer. Don’t forget that all transactions today will be successful only if they are strictly legal.

Things will develop successfully for Pisces today. Don’t be afraid of people’s superficial strictness. Whenever you need it the most, their sternness will be softened by their care and concern. This is a good time for stabilizing your marriage, love life and other legal projects.