The good, the bad and the ugly are all in store for you today, Cancer. 



If you feel as though the hard work you have been putting in at work lately has gone unnoticed and that you deserve a reward for your efforts, then now is a good time to discuss this with your boss. Having faith in other people and their decisions is not easy but it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the people we care most about.


Your emotions could start to run high over the coming days where you will feel particularly sensitive and could take offence easily. Put the ‘new you’ and the self-confidence that goes with it to the test today by grabbing any opportunity you can to meet someone new; you never know, love might blossom! Something could happen today that will leave you at a loss for words also.


Sort out your finances and getting on top of any paperwork that you have been ignoring lately, should be dealt with swiftly during the day Gemini. Aim to become as financially independent as possible in the future. Other people in your social circle and close friends may well be turning to you for some guidance and support today so listen carefully to their troubles.


Oddly enough, positivity and problems will be present for you in equal measure today Cancer. Try to curtail your spending to what is absolutely necessary as you have a tendency to loose the run of yourself once you hit the shops! Whenever possible, avoid confrontation with your co-workers; you will have to spend a lot of time with these people so it is better for everyone if you can all try to get along.


While having a target set in place is often a great way to encourage you to reach your goal, it’s not a good idea to let this be the sole reason for your efforts. Take whatever you learn along the way with you in time to come. Do not push yourself too far, physically or mentally – know your limits and stay within them. You will come to regret the effects of over doing it, if you don’t.


Practical chores and routine work will be successful today if you put your mind to it and get stuck in early, Virgo. Now might also be a good time to consider going back to education if it is something you have been pondering for a while; check out your options to see what is available to you. The good mood and happy spirits you have been exuding lately are having a positive effect on the people around you.


Take responsibility for the part you play in your relationship; is it not fair to always push the blame on someone else because they may not be wrong all the time! If you’re feeling a bit nervy lately and could benefit from some time out and relaxation, take as much time as you need – and watch what you are eating too. Don’t rush into a major investment without having all the knowledge you require.


When everything else seems to be on track, money worries could put a damper on things between you and your partner. Avoid this if possible, by planning ahead and making smart choices about where your money is going. Put your own frustrations with life to one side when hanging out with your friends; don’t allow the negativity you are experiencing to affect them also.


When you feel like your ability is being tested in work, try to remain composed and carry on as you always do. Believe in your capabilities, let your strengths work to your advantage and go from there. If daily stress is becoming more of a problem than it used to be then consider allowing a certain amount of time each day to switch off and let go of built up tension.


If you want to build a really strong and genuine bond with someone, then sometimes it is necessary to find a common interest first, as this will be a good basis to work on. Think carefully about what you are about to do if it involves putting your financial security at risk. Regular exercise could be a good outlet for you Capricorn if you feel as though you are in need of an energy boost.


Holding onto feelings of resentment and anger is not only unhealthy but it could also be detrimental to your relationship with your other half; wherever possible address the issues that have been bothering you and work on a solution to the problem together. Making some changes to do with your home life or family set up could be a positive step forward in the right direction today, Aquarius.


It looks like indulgence will be the order of the day, Pisces where you will be free to treat yourself to whatever you like – within reason of course! You might be surprised by some revelation or honest declaration from someone you are close to; some of what you hear could be difficult to take in. It is up to you to change whatever you are unhappy with in your life.