Today’s the day for home renovations, Capricorn!



If you’ve struggled with getting to grips with household appliances of late, today you will not only surprise yourself but the people around you too with how you handle the tasks that you are faced with today.


Taurus, try your best to use your will power this Saturday and aim to steer clear of temptation wherever possible. Look at this as an exercise of your ability to challenge yourself, rather than something you see purely as a bad thing!


You’ll have a great time throughout the day today Gemini as you’ll be in great humour and the best of form this weekend. The people you are closest to will notice this also and will be eager to stay in your company. Important romantic developments may take place also.


Your usual daily routine and household chores will not be as easy to complete for some reason today Cancer. There will be something constantly holding you back and stopping you from moving forwards in your life. Try to figure out what this is and put a stop to it.


Don’t take on too much today Leo; you might have a tendency to bite off more than you can chew but there comes a point when you will not be able to do everything and will have to learn to say no. This might be hard to begin with, but you’ll begin to love the free time you have as a result.


Virgo, today you are likely to be your own worst critic and enemy for that matter. Endeavour to feel more accomplished about yourself and all that you have achieved. Don’t focus on the negative. If you feel more confident it will show on the outside.


Libra, don’t ignore how you’re feeling this Saturday; while no one likes a complainer, it’s important not to ignore something for too long. Get whatever is bothering you checked out – if for no other reason than to out your mind at ease.


Unfortunately it looks as though Scorpio will pay dearly for a mistake that they have made today; while this could potentially be pretty devastating at the time, eventually you will learn from your mistake and it will help you to make different – and better – choices going forwards.


There may be a little bending of the truth going on today Sagittarius, where you will have to do your best to not get caught out. This is likely to be for a good reason though, like a surprise visit or a party! However if you’ve been less than truthful lately, this might come to light.


Capricorn, if some home renovations have been on the cards for some time now, then today will finally be the time when you decide to give these a proper go. You may consult with family and friends about their opinions, but ultimately it will be you who makes the final decision.


Aquarius, if you’ve recently taken up a new hobby or indeed have been passionate about something for a long time, then this Saturday will be the perfect opportunity for you to devote as much time as possible to this. You won’t notice the day flying by, but just remember not to forget your other responsibilities as well.


Some hidden emotions may come to light today Pisces, many of which you might not have even been aware of. This may not be a bad thing though as it will make you face up to what you have been trying to ignore for some time now. A fresh and unburdened start will be very liberating.