Traditions will be important to you today, Cancer.



Your circle of friends is set to expand today Aries, as you’ll meet lots of new people whom you’ve plenty in common with. While romance may not develop, this won’t really bother you. Don’t pretend to be someone or something you’re not as people will be able to see through this very easily.


Tension and arguments will be something Taurus will have to get used to this Saturday as, no matter how hard they try, it seems as though their problems won’t be easily solved. If you find yourself torn between two people, then perhaps it’s best to eave them work things out on their own.


Gemini, you’ll be on top of the world today as your mood, energy and zest for life will all be in perfect order! Because f this, your friends and family will be delighted to be in your company and you’ll find yourself surrounded by people for most of the day.


Traditions and sticking to what you know and love will be very important to Cancer throughout this Saturday. However, regardless of how much respect you have for your family, don’t feel as though you have to do everything they tell you. Remember to think and speak for yourself!


Leo, having all eyes on you will be something unexpected that you will have to deal with today. Be careful about what you choose to do with this. Don’t go out of your way to make an ex jealous as your plans have the potential to backfire.


If you’re not kept busy and have plenty to keep your mind occupied throughout the day there’s a big chance that you’ll become bored and loose interest in the task at hand. Be polite to family members, even if you’re not in the mood for small talk.


Libra, you will be very efficient and not to mention practical with the things you choose to buy today. Waste and impracticality will not even be considered on your behalf. A family member or very close friend will pass on some invaluable information.


Meeting new people and experiencing new cultures is something you will be anxious to do today Scorpio. Things that are different or unusual will intrigue rather than worry you. Someone you’ve been longing to see for some time now will make an appearance.


Plenty of flattery and attention will be coming your way today Sagittarius, in the form of an unlikely admirer. This will boost your confidence, however be careful that you don’t give them the wrong idea if you don’t feel the same way.


Helping out someone you’re very close to when they need your support the most, will become your number one priority today Capricorn. You will do your very best to help make the days ahead a bit brighter for them.


Aquarius, it seems as though you’re in for a somewhat non-eventful day today. However this doesn’t necessarily have to mean boring. You may realise that it’s about time you had a break from all the partying you’ve been doing lately.


Stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something you would normally shy away from is what you’ll find yourself doing this Saturday Pisces. While you might feel out of place at the start, after a while you will begin to love your newfound confidence.