Don’t count on things that aren’t certain today, Libra.



You’ll be able to enjoy your weekend with ease this Saturday Aries, as it seems as though you will have few, if any, reasons to be worried! Take this as your chance to fully relax and de-stress for a while. Family time will be very important to you.


Taurus, you may be inspired to try out a new look today and go for something you would have said no to in the past. Your newfound confidence may well be the reason behind this, and no doubt you’ll enjoy all the compliments too – why shouldn’t you?!


A short trip or unexpected journey may turn out to be much more eventful that you would have previously anticipated Gemini. However, you may discover something along the way or perhaps even get some news that will make the whole thing worthwhile.


Cancer, your mood will be great and you’ll have lots to smile about this Saturday, so this will help you to face the day with a positive attitude. Fine dining at a fancy restaurant will be a fun way to spend an evening, so get group of friends together and make a night of it!


Leo you will go about your day, pretty happy with your lot this weekend. This will help you to feel content and allow you to enjoy the things and people you have in your life. You may even feel like treating your family to some new gifts.


You may surprise yourself with a new hobby or interest you discover this Saturday Virgo. Perhaps something to do with magic will take your fancy? If you’ve been going through a tough time lately, then you might end up turning to an unlikely source for help and advice.


Try to keep your feelings to yourself today Libra, and by this we mean don’t go shouting how you feel to anyone who will listen – particularly if you’re talking about romance! There is a chance that things may not turn out as smoothly as you would like.


Scorpio will be doing very well where their finances are concerned today. This could be down to paying more attention to your spending, or perhaps you’ve been very fortunate lately. Whatever the reason, keep it up because it’s clearly working!


Seeing things clearly and for what they really are will be something you will focus on this Saturday Sagittarius. Even though everyone has a tendency to see things through rose-tinted glasses from time to time, it seems as though you may not have this luxury any longer.


Communication and telling your partner how you really feel – not just what they want to hear – will do wonders for your relationship today Capricorn. Making a special effort to leave the past where it is, will also help matters.


Spending some time on your own this Saturday will be much more appealing than being in the company of large crowds, Aquarius. It’s likely that you’ve been surrounded by people all week and the chance to relax in peace and quite is just what you need!


Pisces, your strange behavior and odd mood swings will become very noticeable to the people around you today and you may even surprise yourself by how you’re acting. Whatever the reason, try not to take your bad humour out on the people you care about.