Start an old project again today, Aries.



Aries, this Saturday is the perfect time for you to focus once again on a project you may have had to leave alone for some time. If this angered or upset you at the time, then today you will get the opportunity to pick up where you left off.


Having a strong work ethic is definitely something you’re known for; although this may not necessarily always be your first choice in terms of fun a activity to do, knuckling down when it is required and getting the job done is not out of your capabilities.


Gemini, if you generally someone who likes to be entertained at all times and has a tendency to get bored easily, then today this will not be the case! Something very interesting indeed will catch your eye and you will not be able to look away.


Even if you’re not the most romantic of people and the idea of someone going over the top on (in your opinion) cringe worthy displays of affection, is the worst thing that could happen, today spare a thought for your other half.


Leo, while you might usually test the waters to see how far you can take something, this Saturday there is a change that you will end up overstepping the mark and unfortunately the damage will already be done before you can do anything about it.


Today will be a day where you will want things to go as smoothly as possible. Planning everything as far ahead in advance as possible may seem like a fool proof method, however you may discover this Saturday Virgo that there are some things you simply cannot plan for.


Libra, if you’re constantly talking about things not being correct or at least being the way that you think they should be, then what are you waiting for? Go about making the changes you want so see and stop hanging around expecting others to do the first!


Distractions and other things, which are much more appealing than hard work, will be your biggest downfalls this Saturday Scorpio. Romantic endeavours or possibly even already existing relationships will be something for you to think carefully about.


Sagittarius, even if you’re not a natural born leader and don’t like being the center of attention; today it would be wise for you to consider taking a more assertive approach. It would be a good way of working on your confidence and public speaking.


You’ll need lots of energy and be in a good mood if you’re to tackle all of the challenges that are coming your way this Saturday. Even though you may not always feel like it, try to look on the brighter side f things when times get tough.


Aquarius, you won’t work well under pressure this Saturday or if you feel as though the people around you are too much of a distraction. Therefore, find a quiet space, set a time limit for yourself and aim to get the job done as fast as you can.


This weekend would be the perfect opportunity for Pisces to spend a bit of time thinking about where they are in life and where they want to be. Perhaps there are some odd jobs around the house that could do with being completed also?