You won’t have time for drama today, Libra.



This weekends looks like it will be off to a great star for you Aries as your enthusiasm and excitement will be very useful when it comes to starting something new and giving it one hundred percent of your time. However, there’s also a chance that this excitable nature will mean you find it challenging to stick to one thing at a time.


Taurus, if you don’t feel like getting up early and having a very productive Saturday, then don’t! Take the day to rest and chill out and be ready for the week ahead. You may not feel like engaging in conversation with others either and they will also be able to see this.


You won’t be alone in your slightly glum mood this weekend Gemini; it’s likely that you and indeed your friends have had somewhat of a tough week and no one will be in the mood for a party. Therefore, a night spent entertaining will be off the cards for everyone!


Cancer, the things you do and say may rub people up the wrong way this Saturday so it’s probably best to steer clear of people who seem to be in a bad mood today. It’s quite likely that this mood has more to do with them than it does you, however just to be safe it’s best to make yourself scarce.


If things are not going according to plan today Leo, it might be up to you to bring people together and improve morale throughout the group. Other people will see you as a sort of leader and will naturally follow your lead. However be cautious that this power, doesn’t go to your head.


Virgo, while a number of people will suggest ideas for a day out or even a holiday, unfortunately it looks as though all of the planning will be left up to you! Even though you may not necessarily enjoy this task, you will feel better knowing that everything is taken care of and will be able to enjoy yourself because of this.


This weekend your tolerance for people who have a tendency to make a fuss when there’s little need for one, will be very low. You will find it difficult to understand where they are coming from as your outlook on life is very different to theirs. Luckily, your busy schedule will keep you distracted from most of these situations.


Scorpio, the people you spend your time with this Saturday will be fairly chilled out and their overall mood will suit you very well! If outsiders make it their business to try and change this, they are sure to have a very difficult challenge ahead of them! If working on a project alone, rather than in a group, suits you better then go for it!


Once again Sagittarius, your determined spirit and strong work ethic will see you making light work of any and all tasks you apply yourself to this Saturday. Others will admire this about you. However there is also the possibility that you will be easily distracted by things which are more appealing!


Capricorn, it looks as though it’s in your nature to get really involved in a project and find it difficult to walk away from it until you’re completely happy with the finished result. This can be both a blessing and a curse and today, this drive will be even more resent.


Your big and bright ideas will be very appealing to other people when you first mention your plans to them, however you may well find that getting these same people to actually commit to what you have planned will be a much more difficult task. Perhaps you need to work on your selling points!


Pisces, the saying slow and steady, wins the race will be something you will be able to identify with this weekend. Don’t allow yourself to get too wrapped up in getting something finished and the amount of time this will take, instead try to focus on what you’re doing at the time and it will be done, when it’s done!