Be open to change today, Taurus.



Aries, while things may be going extremely well for you in both your personal and professional life at the moment, be careful that this doesn’t make you somewhat conceited. Having confidence is great but being overly so can be off putting to others.


Be a bit more open to change today Taurus; even if you’re pretty happy with how things are going right now, perhaps you need to see if they could be improved at all. You may be a little stubborn at times but at least be willing to hear other people out.


Gemini, even though you’re a very social person and love meeting new people and taking part in interesting discussions, it might be worth your while to remember that not everyone feels this way. If you’ve been making a huge effort with someone and it’s not being reciprocated then is it really worth it?


If someone offends you or hurts your feelings in some way this Saturday, then due to your shy nature, you will more than likely keep it bottled up instead of discussing the issue with the person in question. Aim to be a little more honest about your feelings going forwards.


Leo, if you like spending time with friends you’ve known for years, or even new friends for that matter, then this Saturday why not use any spare time you have to catch up with these people. Don’t put things off for too long, if something feels right just go for it!


This Saturday may not turn out to be the most exciting day that Virgo will have this week, however it’s still likely to be enjoyable nonetheless. Don’t be tempted to go looking for drama where there is none, you might end up with lots of regrets if you do.


Libra, if you feel like lending your two cents to a discussion or debate which you feel is particularly important today, then look for a platform where you will be able to express your opinion. Voicing how you feel in the wrong setting may not be very wise.


This Saturday it seems that Scorpio’s time will be best spent if they don’t end up getting stuck in other people’s business and instead go about their day minding their own! This may also help you to be more productive as you will have fewer distractions to stop you from getting started.


Sagittarius, relax a bit more this weekend and try not to be so uptight. If you’re more stressed than usual, maybe you could look into class or taking up a new hobby that might help to distract you from what’s been going on recently.


The time you send wishing you were somewhere else today Capricorn, would be much better spent actually doing something abut it! Focus on how you can improve where you are right now and take it one step at a time.


Aquarius, if you’ve been keeping very busy recently, either because you want to distract yourself from whatever has been going on, or if work has just been crazy, then this Saturday maybe it’s about time you started thinking about taking some time off.


Work on your communication throughout the day Pisces and see if there are things you could improve on, such as what you say to people but more importantly, how you say it. Your intuition will help you to figure out how others are feeling.