Stick to the plan, especially where money is concerned Scorpio. 



Aries, if you have any important business meetings to take care of or urgent decisions to make, today looks like it will be successful for these. You may get the chance to realise a hope you had when you were much younger and this will encourage you to concentrate on your own passions and dreams a little more. A change of heart may lead you in a new, and unexpected, direction.


While it’s always good to be responsible with your money and not spend frivolously, today you should avoid taking this too far – it’s ok to treat yourself from time to time. You can achieve anything you put your mind too, although be prepared for a few stumbling blocks along the way. Do not put a good opportunity on the back burner for too long as you may miss your chance of making it a success.


Unfortunately Gemini, it looks like you will be at the mercy of other people’s moods, good, bad or otherwise, today. Do not take offence if people do not take your ideas and input into a conversation seriously; trust in your own ability and believe in yourself. You will feel particularly wise throughout the day and this will be partly due to your strong sense of right and wrong.


You may end up having a very stressful day in work, with what feels like a never-ending list of things to do. The best way of dealing with this is by making a plan and sticking to it – try to be smart about your time also. If the opportunity to experience something new, and perhaps even visit another country, presents itself then you should grab it with both hands.


Any Leo’s born in the month of July should expect to get a lot done today and finish loads of household chores. Be polite to the people you meet; you never know when you may be in contact with them again and first impressions count for a lot. You can only put off dealing with something for so long, before it eventually catches up with you. Don’t run from your problems, stand your ground and face them head on.


If you have begun to feel a little stifled in your home and could do with a change, why not think about throwing out the junk and giving the place a bit of a lift? You could feel much better after it! Your tolerance for people who get on your nerves, will be pretty low today so it’s best to avoid their company altogether if you can.


Following the rules may not always be the most fun, but it is a good way to go about things if you don’t fancy getting into trouble, Libra. There’s a possibility yours or your partner’s childhood dream may become a reality. Something you have been working on in your spare time for quite a while may begin to be as successful as you had hoped it would be.


It’s probably not a good idea to stray from the plan too much Scorpio, especially where your finances are concerned. Don’t be tempted to splurge on an unnecessary item. Aim to be there for the people you love, as much as you can. The people we spend our time with have a big effect on the way we act and how we think; be careful that the influence your friends have on you isn’t a negative one.


All you have to do today is be yourself Sagittarius and you will find success is much more easily attainable. Regardless of how independent you try to be, if the people who are close to you want to help you out, you should not turn this offer down. The plans and projects you want to get started on right away will be more successful if you hold off on beginning them today.


The key to being successful is forming a concrete plan and executing it to the best of your ability. Try to keep your professional and your private life separate; it will only cause more problems for you in the long run if you take household issues to work with you and vice versa. Over the coming weeks it would benefit you greatly to really think about letting go if the unnecessary baggage in your life.


Regardless of how kind natured and generous you are, there will always be those who are on the lookout for vulnerable people; do not allow yourself to be used by them and also keep an eye on some of your friends. If possible, allow yourself some time each day to think about what has happened in the past 24 hours and to let go of any negativity.


Your appetite for success will only be getting stronger and you will make it your business to go about achieving your goals. The possibility of a promotion or a raise in the workplace will also be a motivating factor. Be prepared for lots of ups and downs over the coming weeks and don’t be too disheartened if things don’t work out according to plan.