Don’t begin to doubt yourself when things get tough, Pisces. 



The morning hours of this Saturday is when Aries will be most creative, so any artistic projects or tasks that require some imagination should be taken care of at this time. Think about the things you do and the effect they have on other people; carelessness can have bigger consequences than you think. You may begin to feel annoyed and in bad humour over the coming days.


Relationships take a lot of work but if you and your other half are able to communicate properly then that’s half the battle. Emotions will play a big role in the conversations you have today, so aim to keep them under control if necessary. Try to come up with a solution to the problems you’re having with your colleagues; a compromise could make you more likeable also.


If Gemini has any studious tasks to attend to such as preparing for an important upcoming exam or keeping up to date with all necessary information, then today is good for those exercises. You may be informed of interesting news that will come as a bit of surprise to you. Try and do something that will make you stand out in the workplace (in a good way that is) and get your boss’ attention.


This Saturday looks like it will be a good one for you Cancer; you will feel content within yourself and find that communicating with other people comes naturally. The people you are closest to will be able to tell when something is wrong, despite how hard you may try to convince them otherwise. Making concrete decisions may be necessary in order to move plans along.


If there are any issues arising within your home that you haven’t had the time – or the energy – to solve, then Leo should devote some time this morning to fixing these problems before they get out of hand. Go with what your instincts are telling you if you’re struggling to find answers. All conversations you have today relating to serious topics such as money, property or education should go smoothly.


A strong sense of awareness will work in your favour today Virgo if you’re struggling to read your partner’s mood or decipher what they’re thinking. The things that are important to you in your life will be the things you will actively try to look after. Avoid paying attention and listening to meaningless chatter; develop your own opinions and don’t always follow the crowd.


It would be wise for Libra to steer clear of financial risks or anything to do with money this morning as it is unlikely they will gain and far more likely they will loose. Try to work out any issues you have with a friend or partner as this will help the both of you to move forwards. Politely tell busy bodies to stay out of your business.


It’s time for you to put yourself first for a change Scorpio and if people think this is rude then so be it – you can’t always be at everyone’s beck and call. Your luck may be about to change today, and in a good way no less. If you have the time and the chance, you should grab it and use it to work on a creative project or artistic venture you have been dreaming up lately.


Today will involve a lot of give and take for Sagittarius, and you will be willing to go the extra mile to help out family and friends. This will not be a problem for you as you know they would do the same for you and most likely have at some point! If you’ve taken a keen interest in learning about your families’ history or traditions lately, then today could reveal even more hidden information.


If you’re currently finishing off a degree or perhaps have even decided to go back to education, this Saturday is a good time to work on this. Sometimes the information we have been looking for presents itself when we least expect it. Meeting someone new who will have a big influence on you is looking likely today Capricorn. The temptation to spend the day relaxing will be ever present.


The only person who can better your future career prospects is you – if you’re sick of barely getting by each month, it’s time to do something about it! Don’t be inclined to settle for the first thing you find, the right option for you will become available eventually. If you have been having a tough time of late and things haven’t been going your way, don’t feel guilty about treating yourself.


Even though you may not realise it, you are taking in and learning a lot more than you are aware of. You are extremely capable of achieving all that you desire so don’t begin to doubt yourself now. Try not to get too angry if someone unintentionally breaks your trust; a slip of the tongue can happen quite easily, but just be more careful with private matters in future.