Your current mood will count for a lot today, Capricorn. 



Aries would be wise to concentrate on the things that need to be done at home first this morning and not worry about other chores or activities until all of these are complete. Any Aries’ who were born in mid-April will not take too kindly to household chores such as cleaning and tidying. You may begin to feel like you are more in tune with how other people are feeling also.


Taurus will make the people they are closest to their top priority throughout the day and they will remain their number one concern until late at night. Your opinion on a matter may begin to change as the day progresses and this could take you by surprise. Don’t let a fear of failure stop you from achieving what you have set out to do.


Gemini should avoid problem solving and matters similar to this in the early hours of the day, today. Instead it’s best to stay focused on your normal daily routine and concentrate only on this for the time being. The latter hours of the day may become a little more eventful than you would have expected. Try not to let your personal feelings affect how you deal with something important.


Cancer will be able to sit back and relax somewhat during the early hours of this Saturday and they will be in no hurry to get out and about until much later on. If you like to think of yourself as a bit of an entrepreneur, then the evening time looks like a good time for you to try out your latest money-making strategy.


Leo should take the opportunity to relax should it present itself to you today – a lie in or a duvet day has never hurt anyone! By the second half of the day, this extra rest will be very clear, as you will feel energised and full of life. If you’re at a bit of a crossroads and unsure of what your next move should be then your best bet is to form a concrete and practical plan, and go from there.


Virgo should resist the temptation to start new ventures and attempt to try out new ideas today – particularly in the morning time. The people who you feel secure and safe around will be the ones you will naturally gravitate towards and enjoy spending time with. Later on in the day you may be inspired in an interesting way.


Libra may well find that their intuition will be the strongest during the morning hours, so you should make use of this skill and offer support and advice where you can. Don’t be surprised if someone unexpected comes looking for some help. It’s a good idea to share new ideas with workmates as they may be able to help you out of you’re struggling with a recent concept.


Scorpio may be feeling a little emotional today and if you feel like letting these out or telling someone how you feel then the early hours look like the most suitable time for this. Clearing your head in this way is necessary because you will need to concentrate on important business matters in the afternoon that will require your full attention.


Sagittarius may notice some welcome improvements to their home life throughout the day and as a result you will be able to adopt a more positive outlook. If you have a bit of free time and you’re not sure what to do to keep yourself occupied, it’s best if you actively seek out exercises that will keep you busy but that might also help you learn something new too! Don’t rush into spending your money too soon either, Sagittarius.


How you manage to work with your business partner today will depend on both your mood and the circumstances that you find yourself in. An important conversation about a particular topic may have a profound effect on you and it might also sway your thinking somewhat. The hard work you have been putting in lately is beginning to pay off.


Aquarius should spend the morning time with their family and friends and they should also keep any important appointments or meetings their main priority. The afternoon hours and evening time will be a lot more exciting for you, so it might be a good idea to rest up in the morning time. Things may start to become clearer over the coarse of the next few days.


Luckily for you Pisces as it looks like you will be in a good humour and a harmonious mood all day, this Saturday. During this time you should take the opportunity to sit back and enjoy all what you have worked hard for and achieved in recent years. Don’t sit back and expect things to improve on their own accord; do something about it yourself!