Try to be happy for the people around you, Libra.



If you’ve been putting off spending the big bucks lately on some very necessary items then today looks like it will be the perfect time to do so! You would be wise to prepare for these purchases ahead of time going forwards. Try not to let your emotions dictate your whole day, Aries and endeavor to deal with whatever is causing you stress an move on.


Today looks like a good opportunity to show the people around you all of your talents and skills. Now in a show-off way, but more so, that they are aware of your strengths and capabilities going forwards. People will be very eager to spend time in your company throughout the day also. A DIY job will not scare you off Taurus!


Perhaps you are privy to some very important information or recent news; you will have no problem keeping this to yourself today Gemini and are unlikely to let anything slip. You will be on the lookout for ways that you will be able to benefit from another person’s deal or bargain. Even though you may become engaged in some very interesting talks over the coming days, you may not get the answers you’re looking for.


Keeping your household running smoothly and in complete working order will be one of your biggest challenges today, however you will be able to manage this without too much effort, Cancer. Perhaps you should try to keep in contact with the people in your life whom you’ve not seen or spoken to in a while; everyone is busy but it takes someone to make an effort!


If you’ve been considering up-skilling, applying for a promotion or perhaps even a career change recently then today looks as though it would be a good time for you to look into progressing with your plans, Leo. You may also get an unexpected financial boost, which will be more than welcome! Try to work on how you interact with others also; if you’re having a bad day, then why make them feel like they’re having one too?


Old plans and projects that you were forced to stall and put on the back burner for a little while, seem to be a lot more likely to succeed oer the nezt few days. Perhaps it’s worth revisiting these once more to see if they are still a viable option. Someone new and from a totally different background, may come into your life. Whether this is a romantic relationship or a purely platonic one, then try to learn something from this person.


While you may not experience all the good things that you would like to this Saturday Libra, the happiness and excitement of the people around you will still out you in a good mod for the day! Money woes may have to be dealt with and setting aside a couple of hours to solve these issues wouldn’t be a bad idea. Try not to spend too much time over analysing every situation as you may end up talking yourself out of doing anything at all!


Take your time today Scorpio and don’t rush into making any impulsive or spur of the moment decisions; while it may not be the most fun thing to do, thinking things through properly beforehand will make an awful lot of difference in time to come. You will be able to relax in the knowledge that the success and good fortune that you have been experiencing lately is set to last for another while, at least.


Some home improvements or redecorating might be just the thing you find yourself caught up in today. You will enjoy this Sagittarius, as it will leave you with a sense of accomplishment afterwards. Buying large quantities in bulk might be a good idea and it will also help you to save some money too! Following a schedule or sticking to a plan might be a bit of a struggle for you too.


Capricorn will be feeling particularly creative the day so why not focus on these talents? You never know what you will come up with! This will not be considered hard work for you as artistic skills come naturally to you. If you have a little bit of spare cash and can afford to indulge in a little bit of luxury, then you’re more than entitled to treat yourself.


If you’re trying to improve things at home or perhaps even doing something nice for someone else then, regardless of the result, people will know that your heart was in the right place. Ty to make your living space the most relaxing it can be and you will feel much more content and relaxed in your surroundings.


You may not be your usual energetic self today Pisces and possibly even a tad lazy, if the truth be known. However, you’re in luck because it seems as though you are likely to be successful today regardless of the effort you put in. Try to surround yourself with people who inspire and encourage you – this will give you a push to try and achieve better things in your future.