Be cautious of the unfamiliar today, Taurus. 


Aries is likely to spend a lot of time focusing on the more artistic side of their personality throughout the day. You will also be very keen to get out and about; having a lazy day at home won’t really appeal to you. Any Aries’ born in mid-April will be feeling quite happy and content as things seem to be going well for you lately, both in your persona life and in your career.


Taurus would be wise to steer clear of anything that is unusual or not familiar to them today. Keeping promises will also be somewhat of a challenge for you so it’s best to void this where possible. Any of you born in mid-May will feel a real sense of adventure and a desire to try new things. Don’t allow other people to break you down and change your mind.


Gemini, it looks as though you will find it tricky to focus your attentions on any one thing in particular this Saturday, as your mind is likely to have a tendency to wander. Therefore it might be a better idea to leave all tasks that require complete concentration until another time. Regardless of how much you are trying to remember everything, it is possible that you may slip up at some point.


If you have any dealings to do with money and your finances to figure out today, surprisingly the evening time seems as though it would be the best time to do this. The chance of you becoming distracted by all that is going on around you is also lessened dramatically. Be cautious when making or indeed finalizing decisions that have huge consequences.


Regardless of how hard you have been working lately, and despite having little to show for it, your determination doesn’t look like it’s going to decrease any time soon Leo. Whether you realise it or not, the people we associate with have a big influence on the decisions we make, therefore, don’t allow others to sway your opinion or change your mind.


Following the rules rarely got anyone into trouble and Virgo would be wise to follow this mantra throughout the day. Only tasks and chores that are an absolutely necessity should be completed today, everything else should be left until another time. First impressions count for so much, so make sure the one you make is a good one!


Libra, you may find that trying to maintain a healthy balance between your work life and your personal life is becoming somewhat of a juggling act. You may also discover that your absence is beginning to have an effect on the people you are closest to. Don’t allow other people to make you feel guilty about being independent and thinking for yourself.


You may begin to notice a change in the way you and your other half start to communicate with each other; if this is bothering you it’s best to make this clear before it continues for too long. Aim to forget about the bad and not dwell on the past as much as you have been recently and instead focus on the more positive and happier things in your life.


Sagittarius, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re organised and sticking to a schedule, that way you’ll be able to keep track of what needs to be done and you’re less likely to get side-tracked along the way! Sometimes new and more advanced ways of doing things are not always the best, so stick to what you’re used to. Don’t take on too much; remember you only have a certain number of hours in a day!


The day may be somewhat of a tough one for you Capricorn, as you will be finding it hard to resist temptation. Feeling out of place and not yourself could also be a possibility. Avoid hoping someone will change or become the person you wish they would be, as this usually leads to disappointment in the long run.


Aquarius you may not be feeling exactly like yourself today and your usual self-confidence may have begun to suffer a little as a result. Try not to let this bother you too much! Money issues may also begin to get on your nerves somewhat also. Therefore you’re better off not agreeing to any major commitments for the moment.


Pisces, try to use your skills and qualities in a practical way throughout this Saturday; put them to good use and you will feel all the better for it too. If you’re in the wrong, don’t wait too long to admit it. There’s no shame in making a mistake and being able to recognise this afterwards.