Be prepared for a hectic start, Aries.



The morning time might bring with it some pressures today, Aries. Stay up to date with all that is going on by remembering to allow a certain time each day to check in on your current appointments and deadlines. Even though it’s easier said than done, try your best to stay in contact with friends and family who have moved abroad or far away.


Taurus, you might have to make some exceptions and allowances for others this Saturday; they may not be feeling exactly like themselves at the moment so try to take this into account. If you are feeling very hurt by the actions or words of another, it is possible that you are reading into the situation a little too much?


Gemini, get up early to give yourself the best start to the day and indeed the weekend this Saturday. You are likely to possess lots of energy, which you will make great efforts to put towards a particular task you want to get finished before the evening time. If you have a tendency to worry about things that might never happen, keep in mind the times when everything worked out ok.


The hours up until the middle of the day this Saturday will be the time when Cancer will be most focused on matters relating closely to their heart; these could include issues relating to kids or family, holiday plans or perhaps even risk assessment. Be a little brave today and take a risk; you might be surprised by the outcome!


Any Leos who were born in the middle of August should expect somewhat of a hectic morning today. Do your very best to formulate a plan as this will keep you focused and alert. This business and excitement may bring with it some stress and pressures too. Face any fears or obstacles with a calm approach.


Virgo, aim to make the very most of your day this Saturday by getting up and out of bed early, you have no time to waste! The hours before the early afternoon look like they will be the most successful for you, so it’s wise to grab all opportunities while you can. Try to keep your emotions in check throughout the day.


Libra, the beginning of the day is the perfect time to focus your attentions on money and other financial issues. If you have important business to attend to, then this should also be taken care of today. Endeavour to always present yourself to other people in the best way you can; remain polite and approachable, at all times!


In the hours leading up to lunchtime, Scorpio is likely to have a different view of their on reality than the one other people are living. This is ok, as long as it does not begin to effect other people. Don’t let your sensitive side led others to think that you are weak because this is unlikely to be the case.


Sagittarius, if you have a lot on your plate in terms of workload and what you have to get through in a specific time frame then this Saturday should provide you with the perfect opportunity to find a quite place to focus and complete all necessary tasks. However, remember to have a little fun too regardless of how busy you are.


Capricorn, don’t be too surprised if people begin to turn to you for help and advice throughout the day. Your practical approach to problem solving, coupled with your calming nature is what people will look for when they are in need. Don’t worry though, you’ll get the same support when you need it too.


Even though you may be tired and feel as though you have no more fight left in you, this morning muster up as much courage as you can to give whatever it is that you feel is defeating you, one last go. If you’re successful, you are unlikely to look back! Stop procrastinating and putting things off for another time – if you’ve been telling a friend you’ll met them for a coffee for the longest time, do it!


Pisces, it seems as though the early hours of the day will be your lucky ones so if you have a particular project you have been working on lately, now is the time to make those all-important finishing touches! Use your intuition and rely on it in situations when you are not sure about what your next move should be.