Your day will get off to a slow start, Capricorn

Early in the day the Rams may be sleepy, absent-minded and dreamy. You will be prone to thinking of love and freedom rather than work and duties. You will turn your mind to work only in the second half of the day.

The first half of the day may be dedicated to sleep, dreams, close ones or solitary contemplations. Don’t be in a rush to go to work; instead, watch some news – don’t deny yourself your favorite treats. In the afternoon circumstances will allow you to act practically and efficiently.

In the morning Gemini will be sufficiently free. Use your time the way you please. Don’t schedule any meetings for the first half of the day, especially business ones: they can be cancelled or rescheduled for unknown reasons. There is a probability of misunderstanding and ambiguous situations up until the night.

The morning of September 17, 2016, is suitable for enjoying life without thinking about work. The first half of the day is not favorable for purchases, monetary transactions, planning, traveling and running errands.

Don’t be attempting great undertakings today – you will have enough routine work to keep you busy. At the start of the day, you should try to avoid intrigues and provocations. It will be difficult for you to have an objective evaluation of your own and others’ actions.

In the morning the Virgins should save up their energy without pushing through to the front lines. You may sleep in. By the midday you should be all ready to go. If you were born in August, an outcome of a situation will almost fully depend on your efficiency, energy, industriousness and diligence.

The start of the day may be dedicated to free activities, informal communication and romantic interaction. It may take you a while to come to your senses after yesterday’s pleasure and experiments. In the course of the day you will have to pull yourself together, focus on details and give up excess things.

In the morning of September 17, 2016, your feelings and artistic ambitions may dominate by robbing you of clear thinking and required concentration. Refrain from making any plans; try to avoid conversing with your superior.

By midday the Archers will have to give up their free lifestyle. You may be summoned by your management or your professional duty. If you hope to make progress in your career, you won’t be able to escape hard work. If you were born in November, you should be more careful.

The first half of the day is strikingly different from the second. At the start of the day you will hardly find any energy to lift a finger. You may be haunted by laziness, desire for pleasures, dreaminess; you may be prone to questionable intrigues and useless experiments. Things should pick up later on in the day.

Aquarius should not schedule any important meetings and events for the morning. In the first half of the day you will have much energy, but it will most likely go not towards decisive actions, but rather romanticising and idealization of people and events.

In the morning you may be deceiving yourself and others, but in the second half of the day things will change. You may have preferred to stick to a questionable evasive strategy. But your partner, who is a more active person, will most likely demand that you act in a less ambiguous fashion.