and bend.

and bend.

Pilates? We'll pass.

We don't care what anyone says, sex is exercise. Whether your preferred position is mild in missionary or you prefer getting active and opt for a high-intensity position like doggy style, it can be quite the workout. 

We've all had a time or three when our stamina is well and truly put to the test. You're sweaty, red in the face and struggling to catch your breath. It's that exact moment where you wish you were an active gym goer but becoming an active gym goer requires actually joining a gym and ha! as if we have time for that. 

But good news, it turns out you can burn all the same calories you would in a spin class without having to leave your bed. Yes, ladies and gentlemen: sex is the new gym. The key to getting the most out of your sexercise is to know which positions count as cardio. Sure you might burn a calorie or two when you do missionary but here are 7 sex positions that actually count as exercise. 

Doggy Style 

It's a sex position we all know and love. But what you didn't know was just how intense of a workout doggy style truly is. For him, it's not overly complicated. The more he thrusts, the better workout he gets. For her, being on all fours gives a killer workout for your abs and quads. According to The Cut, if the sex lasts for 30 minutes, the woman can burn up to 118 calories (the same amount of calories found in a curly wurly, FYI) while the man can burn up to 211. 

The Lotus

If you've always wanted to be a yogi, then this one is for you. To achieve this pose, the man sits cross-legged while the girl straddles him. It sounds like it wouldn't work, but trust us, it does. However, it does take quite the coordinate pair to make this count as sex and not just having some weird hug. But even just attempting this pose is a workout in itself. 

The Crouching Cowgirl 

Think of your beloved cowgirl pose, but with a twist. Instead of bending your knees while in position, crouch. The reason for switching up the pose is that it kicks the sex up a gear. Instead of burning 120 calories as you would engaging in the traditional cowgirl position, the woman will burn 170 calories. As for the man, well, he'll burn zero calories but take one for the team imo. 

The Bridge

Perhaps a lesser know sex position is the bridge. The woman is facing upward, using all four limbs to hold her body weight up off the bed while the man is on his knees thrusting. This pose is not for the weak as one strong thrust and it could all come crashing down. However, you can pile a bunch of pillows under your back for support and you'll still get an intense workout. Just pray whoever you do this with doesn't hold the mindset of 'slow and steady wins the race'

The Stand Up

Put simply, the stand up is having sex...standing up. It sounds basic but anyone that's tried it knows it anything but. Having sex in this position for 30 minutes can see the woman burn up to 150 calories while the man burns up to 500 calories.

Shoulder Stand

It's like missionary with a tad more effort. The shoulder stand is essentially the candlestick position you used to do as a kid. You'll be working on your abs while he works on his but. It's a win-win situation. 

Legs Up

Want to burn calories but also become flexible? Legs up ladies, legs up. Simply prop your legs up onto his shoulders and off you go. 

Just remember friends, whatever position you go for, be safe. 

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