Want to dress like an Insta-star? Then Salt-Water sandals are the only shoe you need to invest in this summer. AND, they're not super spendy. 

Want to know the only sandals we'll be wearing all summer? Salt-Water! We love their retro-vibe and paired back aesthetic, plus if we're honest the fact that all our fave Insta-stars are rocking them helps the cause! 

Summer Lovin'

Now that we know the heat is sticking around we're starting to invest in decent gear. We've been on the hunt for the perfect summer sandal to see us through and have landed on the classic Saltwater sandals.

Knocking around since the 1940s, Saltwater sandals have become something of a cult hit with the fashion set in recent years. Gracing the feet of the likes of Alexa Chung and Jessica Alba they’ve become synonymous with laid back summer vibes. They’re crazy comfortable and look cool without trying and we can’t think of a better reason to invest than that!

Tiny Feet

They also come in tiny sizes so if you have a small person in your life you can match. Not sure we're ready for that much cuteness though tbh. 

You can shop them on their website or on the Office website. They're a little more than we'd usually spend on a simple sandal, but considering they last for years we're looking at it as a solid investment.