Five minutes with Ireland’s newest boyband

Having just launched their debut album, Louis Walsh’s latest protégés are quickly making their mark on the Irish music scene. To mark the launch of their self-titled album ‘Hometown’, which is on sale now, we barged our way through throngs of screaming girls in HMV Dundrum to get five minutes with six of the most in-demand young lads in Ireland – Brendan, Dean, Dayl, Cian, Josh and Ryan.

Congrats on your debut album lads! Did you enjoy recording it?

We all love the recording part of it, it’s probably up there with one of the top things we get to do as a band.

Do you have a favourite song on the album?

We love I Wrote This For You but we have other favourites too, Roses, Standing In The Rain and Jigsaw Dreams.

What’s the best part about being in Hometown?

We love being on the road. We could be travelling from Dublin to Cork or wherever and you’ll have the best laugh in the car. We love performing live on stage too, that can be unbelievable fun.

How have your lives changed since joining the band?

It has been a while since we first came to the media’s attention so enough people know about us that we get recognised every day. You always just have to watch what you’re doing and making sure you’re behaving.

Are you loving all the female attention?

There is no female attention! Ah no, of course, we love it. Brendan gets all the girls, don’t you Brendan?

Tell us, what’s Louis really like?

Mad, funny, crazy, you’re always guaranteed a laugh. You might be crying on the inside as well but you’ll be laughing at some point.




He’s managed some hugely successful boy bands in his time. Do you feel pressure to fill such big shoes?

Definitely. With the success and longevity of Westlife’s career, it’s something we would love to emulate. It’s a pretty big shadow to be in but it’s a good one to be put into as well. We’re going to do the best we can and if we can achieve half their success then we will be over the moon.

Do you all live together?

We’re living separately now but during the summer we were living together in London.

Does anyone have any really bad habits?

Dayl has one where he sighs every morning. And Brendan gets up at 5am to skip which was very annoying when we were living together.

If and when you go on to make your first million, what will be the first thing you’d buy?

A house or a car – a black Range Rover.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done as a band?

Our trip to South Africa, we got to walk with lions and cheetahs, that was crazy.

What has been the highlight for you guys music wise?

Touring the UK with The Vamps and McBusted. It was one of the best things we got to do. And selling out Vicar Street, that was pretty cool.

And the ultimate dream?

Selling out Vicar Street on 4 December! Oh and to take on the world.


‘Hometown’, the boys’ debut album is on sale now. For more information, visit

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