Our favourite The Wanted member spills on whether the boys are over for good, or if this Farewell Tour is just the beginning of a break…

Life is changing for Siva Kaneswaran. He’s currently in rehearsals for The Wanted’s The Farewell Tour,planning his solo career and organising his wedding to his long-term girlfriend Nareesha McCaffrey. And while it could be a daunting prospect to many, the Dublin native is looking forward to new beginnings. The Farewell Tour (with dates in The O2 Dublin on 24 March and Odyssey Arena, Belfast on 25 March) will be the boys’ final tour for some time after Siva, Tom, Max, Jay and Nathan decided to take time to pursue personal endeavours when the tour is over. It’s a scary time for the boys, we’re sure, but Siva is looking at it positively.

He told U magazine: “I cannot tell you how much I’m looking forward to this tour. It’s been two years since the last one so we’ve been looking forward to it and obviously we’ve got new music to show the fans from the album, so it’s just surreal we’re going to see all the fans again and see some familiar faces. We’ve been rehearsing for the tour and we’ve planned it really well and it’s going to be bigger and better than it ever was. It’s surreal, it’s so weird, I just want to get on stage now.

“We all sat down and discussed things and talked about how we feel and it happened naturally to go on a break. I was a bit scared first off but now I’m just really bloody excited… get the tour done, see all the fans, have a good send off, perform to the best that we can and everyone just do

their own thing, and I’m really excited about that break. A healthy break,” he added.

But despite the boys’ statement, many media reports have suggested the band is actually splitting up, something Siva denies. He said: “I’ll definitely deny that. We all released a statement and discussed together what we wanted to do. In our release we said we were going to go on a break after the tour to pursue personal endeavours and I think everything else that was added to it was the media dramatising it a bit, which happens, it shows that people care. We’re definitely not splitting up, we’re just going on a break for now and when it’s natural we’ll come back together.”

With The Farewell Tour coming up, Siva is looking back on his career. He explained: “There’s so many little things that I remember from our career. One thing that always stands out for me was doing the Comic Relief single

Gold Forever and raising a lot of money. But I can tell you one that really stands for me; there was a girl terminally ill in hospital and we went into her and we all spoke to her and she was laughing at our jokes, and then her mum and dad starting crying and we thought, ‘oh god, what did we say?’. Then when we walked out of the hospital room and her mum and dad came out and said that was the first time she’d smiled in eight months. And you’re just like ‘oh my god…’ I’ll never forget those things… that’s what you’re left with… On that break you’re just left with how you’ve helped people and changed their lives. If you think about that when you finish then you’ve done something right,” he added.

The Wanted are taking a break to pursue their own interests and Siva is going to concentrate on his solo music career. He explained: “I think I’m going to do my own music and go down the indie pop route and express myself. I think all the boys are doing that after the tour. I think this is the last time you’re going to see us together for a while on this tour so it’s going to be a brilliant one and it’s going to be the best we can. And then we’re going to do our own thing. On that break I’ve got a load of things planned.

“I want to connect with fashion brands because I’ve been committed to The Wanted for four years, as we all have, and just do all those things and just go crazy, have a laugh,” he laughed.

He’s also recorded a duet with Rita Ora– something he hopes to release in the future. “We did it a while back and it’s there. It was an intense time in the studio and we came up with this amazing song, I can’t wait for people to hear it. I’d love to release it, I think I might even release it in the future because it’s just a great song. I love to write, I’ve been in the studio recently working on

my own sound and it’s really exciting. I just want to show people me and I’ll support all the other boys on their personal endeavours but it’s just nice to let loose.

“[Rita’s] great. She’s really honest and we just had great craic in the studio, had a laugh and she’s very passionate about her writing and we just got on really well, a good writing team,” Siva added.

Obviously being in each other’s pockets for four years, the boys have become very close and Siva said it’ll be “really weird” without them. “It’s the weirdest feeling because things suddenly go quiet for a while and it’s like, ‘God, should I call someone?…how’s everyone doing? What are people up to today?’ You miss it because we’ve known each other for four years. It’s just the weirdest feeling…

“Obviously we’re going to meet up and be around each other non-stop on tour and catch up then. It’s just going to be very emotional in the last gig and going off and doing our own things. It’s going to be really weird but it’s exciting weird, it’s really exciting,” he added. And he said he’s particulary excited about performing in Dublin’s The O2 on 24 March. “Last time the fans gave me a standing ovation for four minutes, I couldn’t hold back the tears, it was ridiculous. And then this year… I was teary last year, this year I’m going to be balling! They’re very loyal and it’s such a great feeling, really comforting,” Siva explained.

The tour will obviously be an emotional time for the boys but one thing Siva is really looking forward to is spending quality time with his family. “Of course, that’s one of the main benefits. Family is everything, just to see them again, see my nieces and nephews and all that, I can’t put it into words and it’s going to be a relaxing time, but I don’t like sitting still for too long, I like keeping busy and keeping in the music scene. I just can’t stop, I have to keep on representing and flying the flag.”

With all this going on, Siva is also helping his fiancée Nareesha plan their wedding. But what can he tell us? “I’ll tell you as soon as I find out about it!” he laughed. “I think we’re going to get married maybe in 2015. We’re kind of laid back and we’ve been together six years so we’re doing all these appointments now like tasting the cake,

the colour theme of the wedding and it’s so boring, good boring, but it’s just so weird. It’s like I’m a grown man now!

“I go to a few (meetings) and sometimes when it comes to cake tasting I was like, ‘I’ll leave it to you, just tell me what the flowers are like’… it’s more of a girl thing, but I do want to keep involved, I want to take the weight off the missus because it’s stressful. It’s just weird, so many things to do, we’ve just got to make time for them,” he added.

And he told U mag they haven’t decided an exact location just yet. “I honestly don’t know, we haven’t even decided that yet. We’ve just been thinking about the themes… if a nice church comes along in 2015 in Ireland then put us on the list please! I’ve always said, because my missus is from Nottingham, I’m always telling her Ireland is stunning, it’s beautiful, some parts just blows you away, and of course I’d love to do a wedding in it. But if that doesn’t happen I’ll just buy a holiday home so I can always have somewhere nice to live in Ireland and enjoy it.”

It may not be the end for The Wanted just yet but Siva has a message for their fans – “I’m so proud to have such lovely, loyal fans and I hope to keep the fans with us in the future for all our personal endeavours and all our personal journeys, and just a massive thank you, I can’t say it enough.” Good luck lads!