Going solo, moving country, getting hitched? It’s a big year for Siva…

Siva Kaneswaran is packing his bags and heading to LA to launch his own solo career. The Wanted singer and his fiancée Nareesha McCaffrey along with their cute little dog Milo are heading stateside to live the American dream and carve out a new life for themselves. It’ll be a busy time for Siva as he’ll be in the studio with music’s top producers and artists while also planning his wedding to his long-term girlfriend. He told U magazine: “I feel great, so excited. When the original thought came around I thought, ‘that’s a bit risky, what happens if this happens, what happens if that happens’, but now I’m thinking, ‘it’s not really risky, it’s exciting’. I get to go LA in the sunshine, go to the studio, hang out with my mates, have a flat over there, cruise around… the more I thought about it, the more I thought ‘yeah’. “Nareesha is coming with me and my doggie Milo so it’s like the little family is going and it’s all sorted now. I’ve got a nice team over there, my new manager is based in LA and that’s really exciting and I’ve got a fashion agent in CAA and I’m going to work on my album so music, movies and fashion. I’m just going to go into it head on,” he added.

Siva is used to the backing of his four band mates – Jay, Tom, Nathan and Max – but now he’s going solo and admitted he was initially nervous about it. He explained: “I really was scared about the whole situation, going on a break and the whole lot, but now I’m just really excited. I can’t explain it, it’s invigorating, it’s a nice feeling to go out and do your own thing. In a band it’s great, don’t get me wrong we’ve got amazing fans, but it’s also very nice to express myself.”

The Wanted are currently on a break but Siva hasn’t ruled out working with the lads in the future. “I’ve got a few emails off Jay and a few off Tom but we’re in holiday mode right now. It feels like a holiday but it’s not. We’re just chilling out doing nothing, seeing our family and friends and cleaning up our houses. The last four years we’ve always had someone telling us what to do, we don’t need that, we don’t need people telling us what to do, we can do what we want which is nice. “The break is there and I’m open to the whole idea in the future maybe working together again for something. Right now we’ve all agreed to just go and see where the wind takes us. I was kind of hesitant at first but now I’m 100 per cent excited,” he added.

Siva and Nareesha are tying the knot next year but still haven’t decided on a venue! He told us: “Well the wedding is next year so we’re just discussing venues, where will we do it… Obviously America has come up but I think it just depends on what’s practical and what’s the best venue for us. It could be an amazing venue in Ireland or an amazing venue in the UK, most of the family are in the UK and Ireland so obviously it’d make sense to have it there. But saying that there could be a great venue in America and we’re based there so… “We’re kind of in limbo at the moment. We’re incorporating our cultures into the wedding and then waiting until next year when I can be fully hands on and take a few months just planning it and being Nareesha’s right hand man,” he explained. And he said he’d like both a family and big showbiz celebration – “I think it should be a bit of both. Family and then invite everyone to a big ass party,” he laughed.

Siva and Nareesha had a long-distance love while he travelled with The Wanted. Is she glad to have him back? “Obviously we missed each other for so long but there’s some things she likes doing herself. She’s used to doing things by herself and chilling out or watching a documentary at a certain time. The flat’s a bit messier!” he laughed. He’s out on his own now but what’s his goal? “Just to be known and acknowledged as Siva, as an artist, and just to be accredited for my craft. Just to do my best as a musician and singer, and for people to respect and enjoy it and make people happy. I’m not really worried too much about the business side of things, just getting out there and doing it for the fans,” he added.