Instagram: @intothegloss

Instagram: @intothegloss

Micellair, oil, balm, or cream. When it comes to (double or nothing) cleansing our faces, things have gotten a little complicated. But now, there's yet another rinse about town, for when regular old H20 just isn't cutting it. 

Here’s everything you need to know about cleansing with carbonated water.

The beauty trend, like most of the extra ones, has is roots in in K-beauty and J-beauty routines, where carbonated water has been used in beauty products for years. Claims say the fizziness of sparkling water gives your skin a deeper clean than tap, resulting in smaller-looking pores, firmer skin, and a healthy glow. 

But is there any science to back up these promise? 

Well, kind of. Carbonated water dilates blood vessels and the arterial end of capillaries, which increases blood flow and circulation. When blood flow increases, more oxygen and nutrients can get into your skin, and in turn, when your skin is fed with more nutrients and oxygen, it regenerates more efficiently, cell turnover will improve and things get overall more glowy.

Carbonated water gets another point in the cleanser column because it has a slightly acidic pH around 5.5, which is almost the same as the pH of human skin, which minimises any potential irritation. 

So, how does one go about it? 

As tempting as it might be to just grab the nearest bottle and shower yourself with the fizzy stuff, the K beauty method advises finding a large bowl that fits your entire face and filing it up. Slowly lower your face into the bowl and hold it there for ten seconds while the bubbles do their thing. The Youtube tutorials we watched recommend breathing out of your nose to prevent any uncomfort in that region. Once you reemerge, you can apply your cleanser like usual and rinse it off with your remaining carbonated water, or use the dunk to end your cleansing routine. Alternately, and more affordably, you can try drenching cotton pads with carbonated water and gently dabbing that all over your face

Not really practical though, is it? 

Well, no. First there's the cost, sparkling water is spenny! Then, there's the plastic issue. And we're not that obsessed that we're considering investing in a Soda Stream. So, in short, washing your face with sparkling water seems to have its benefits, but even we think it's a little too self-indulgent. 

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