We\'ll be getting our Blue Peter on!

We'll be getting our Blue Peter on!IMAGE: Søstrene Grene

It's all our crafty dreams come true. One of our favourite interiors stores, Søstrene Grene is launching a range that’s all about make and do.

And we will be making and doing our little hearts out!

Søstrene Grene stores have always stocked things like art supplies and wool but this new catalogue focuses on DIY – and the concept of hygge (which was everywhere year or two ago but is more than a passing trend). Hygge is all about comfort and enjoyment and quality of life. Being creative – especially with friends or family - is a great way to achieve that.

The new DIY catalogue focus on four materials: self-hardening clay, leather, felt and paper - and it's full of instructions and ideas for what to create. You can make all sorts of things, from clay coasters to decorations (*cough* cheap Christmas presents *cough*). In-store, there's beads, wool, felt, paints and creative bits as well as the fiddly tools you'll need to get creative.

Plus, you never know: if you’re good at making stuff, this could be the gateway to a profitable new side hustle!

The DIY range goes on sale on the 27th – and, as with most Søstrene Grene stuff it’s only available while stocks last. 

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