Hey there Delilah, the plain white t-shirt is IN!

When it comes to trends, style and the latest fashion accessory must-have, it can sometimes get a little bit overwhelming, not to mention pricey! Yes, the Hermès Birkin bag might have been the it bag of 2014 but that’s not to say us normal human beings could get our hands on one. Nor can us average Joes afford to keep up with Carrie Bradshaw and the rate she flies through her Manolo Blahniks.

But one thing that stays stagnant in this ever-changing fashconomy (fashion economy, obvs!) is that a plain white t-shirt never goes out of style. And with it’s limitless styling potential, we can absolutely see why.

Kristen Stewart and Rihanna may be two of the most recent celebs to done this iconic yet effortless look, but we have 80’s pop sensation Debbie Harry, aka Blondie, to thank for bringing the plain white t-shirt to fame.

Whether your pairing one with a pair of peg-leg trousers for a chic yet dressed-down office look or  you want to style it up with some sequins or leather, a plain white t-shirt is a staple for any wardrobe, and for any season.

With summer comes the desire to wear lighter and brighter clothes but there’s nothing quite like a bit of winter whites to stand out from a crowd.

UFashion.ie are huge fans of the plain white t-shirt and have a few tips to share for rocking this simple look.

Slouchy or fitted, Studded or plain, don’t just stick to the same pair of jeans every day with this go-to piece, the white t-shirt has so much potential for styling so use it.

In the words of Tim Gunn, make it work people!


A few layers go a long way. The simplistically of the white t-shirt is that you can wear a bunch of other colours, and textures too so do!

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2. The white t-shirt, although fabulous, is super plain so try throw in a statement piece into your outfit. Whether it’s a leopard print skirt or leather trousers, there’s so much room for styling!


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A white T makes a comfortable and stylish alternative to a fitted shirt for work. If you;re thinking this is too casual for your office, think again. Paired with a pencil skirt or cigarette pants and a pop-of-colour blazer, this look is perfect for your work day.


Change up your standard body-con dress for a white T on your next night out. Paired with an A-line skirt or waxed jeans (and of course some serious neck bling), this look will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.


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Plain white t-shirts don’t have to be all plain you know. Try one with a transparent mid-section, like the Age of Innocence one or some sequined shoulders like the Luella. 


Colour, colour, colour! Go bright when wearing one of these simple beauties. It may sound daring but sporting one strong colour in your jacket and pants/skirt is one sure way to be awarded ‘The Office’s Most Fashionable’.


Thing Big. Think Bling! Like we mentioned, the white t-shirt is a staple go-to but one that screams for some accessorizing. Throwing on a chunky neck-piece, a vibrant scarf or a few bracelets will make this look!


For the most simple but chic white t-shirt look, UFashion.ie recommends your favourite pair of black skinny jeans and some fashion-forward loafers. Easy-to-wear and even easier to look amazing in!

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