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Because freezing is not a lewk.

News flash: it's baltic outside. It seems that with every waking minute the temperate drops further and further. The weather has gone past the point of being miserable. Combine those together and the word you're looking for is grim. It's the kind of grim that has made us stop caring what the hell we look like as long as we're warm...even if that means wearing Uggs.

While you might feel nice and toasty on your commute to work, you'll inevitably catch your reflection in a passing bus and you're left feeling more miserable than the weather. To make matters worse, there's always that one woman - whether she be a stranger you pass every day on the way to work or she's just a colleague that no matter how cold it is outside, looks incredible. Before we just presumed that she was a mythical creature that didn't feel the cold...that or she had magic self-heating pants. But after much observation, we've discovered that she is, in fact, a real human being and she doesn't own magic pants. Instead, her secret is the art of layering. 

Think of every fashion cool-girl you stalk on Instagram, they layer - and not layering like listening to your mam and wearing a sensible vest underneath your jumper. Layering like a cool-girl is the art of wearing multiple items of clothes to keep you warm but masquerading them as stylish elements to an outfit. It may sound complicated but when you look at it...and really look at it, you'll see it's basic but brilliant.

So here's 7 Spring style hacks to help you master the art of layering:

Amp Up The Volume

Big statement coats are your one-stop shop to looking stylish and warm. The puffier, the better. The brighter, the better. The larger better. You're basically going for that I'm wearing a duvet to work look except you can call get it fashion. 

When Two Becomes One

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What was once the style of posh men from Foxrock has finally made its way into the fashion world. Wearing an additional jumper around your neck may seem daft but when styled correctly, looks effortlessly chic.  The trend is known as a "schmoo" ever since Michael Kors coined the phrase as he debuted the look on his catwalk. You'll be a walking juxtaposition as you combine prep with edge and what's more fashion than being a literal juxtaposition?

Seeing Double

@EvaChen on Instagram

@EvaChen on Instagram

Welcome to the art of wearing two jackets instead of one. You may fear you'll end up looking like Joey from Friends when he wears all of Chandler's clothes at once but you won't. The key here is to take a spring jacket like a blazer and wear your winter coat on top. This works particularly well when both jackets co-ordinate or patterns clash. Just be sure that your outer layer is always longer than your underlayer, otherwise you throw all your proportions off...and that is not a lewk. 

Run Wide

sombre belle

sombre belle

Cullottes give you instant cool-girl credibility but they don't look so cute with blue ankles. That's why pairing them with a pair of knee high boots is the way to go. Wear your boots underneath your culottes so you look more stylish than you do pirate.

Roll With It

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Getty Images

It's no secret that the humble roll neck is the key to any winter wardrobe. The roll neck can be worn under dresses, shirts, vest, tees, jumpsuits...basically anything. While we wear style every season, there's a simple trick to make it look fresh: opt for white. 

Pull Your Socks Up 

Kalifornia Klass on Tumblr

Kalifornia Klass on Tumblr

2017 was the year we saw pop socks have a fashion moment, 2019 is the year regular socks get the fame they deserve. Wear a fresh pair of socks (not some gross pair you've had for 3 years) with heeled sandals, let them pop out over the top of an ankle boot or keep it sports luxe and pair with trainers.

The Limit Does Not Exist

For those days when it's so cold outside that you get the urge to wear every layer in your it. White roll neck? Wear it.  Two coats? Wear it. Socks and heels? Wear it. That's the beauty of fashion, you can wear almost anything you want and call it fashion. 

Now you'll definitely walk with a spring in your step. 

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