Curly hair will be yours!

Curly hair will be yours!

Think you're stuck with the hair you were born with? Think again! We change our shoes every day so why not our do? From Grecian curls to pixie crops we want to change our looks as often as our lipsticks. And now we can!

Not convinced? Check out the new Stylista range from L'Oreal. With six products in the range, there's something for everyone you've ever wanted to be!

Easy to use and nicely colour coded, we're loving the practicality and obvious science that's in each product. 

Our favourite?

The Curl Tonic of course - which helps us all embrace the curls we banished as teens and master the trend of summer!

To use it, follow the instructions from Syd Hayes, Uk and Ireland Ambassador for L'Oreal Paris who says: "Mist Stylista Curl Tonic through your hair after you have washed and towel-dried it. Then, separate your hair out into sections between one and two centimetres wide and wrap them around your fingers in a spiral motion. Repeat this really simple process throughout your hair and add another light misting of the spray.

"Leave your curls to dry naturally or, if you’re pushed for time, dry them in a diffuser on a low heat setting.” If you find your curls start to drop or lose their definition throughout the day, just mist them again to bring them back to life."