Maybe you should consider lowering your expectations somewhat, Virgo. 



Avoid committing yourself to any crucial or important projects today Aries, as they may require more of an effort than you are able to give at this point in time. If getting out of bed early is not something you struggle with, then make use of the morning hours to be your most productive. While having big dreams and hopes for the future is great, it’s important not to forget what is happening in the here and now.


Let go of any ill feelings you may be harbouring in the morning and the afternoon will fly by. You may learn some unpleasant news about someone in your company today that will drastically change your opinion of them. It could be that you will unexpectedly come to a realisation about their personality that you hadn’t noticed before and begin to question their integrity.


Hold off on signing your name to any important documentation during the day, as you may not be in the right frame of mind to think things through properly. Also, it’s best to leave any shopping you have to do until the evening time as otherwise you may go over budget by mistake. Or, you could spend money on a ‘bargain’ that was totally unnecessary! You will be more in touch with your feelings and wants today too.


How you see yourself in a few years time may have to be adjusted to fit where you are at preset. Be realistic with your aspirations to avoid future disappointments. If you are feeling emotional today be careful that you do not pick things up the wrong way and confront people as a result. Take each day as it comes, otherwise you will drive yourself crazy trying to predict what will happen next.


If you happen to be an August born Leo then expect this morning to bring with it some tension and stressful situations. Due to this highly volatile atmosphere it is best to avoid undertaking any major purchases or make important, non-reversible decisions. Sometimes, even though we know full well the person we have a crush on is totally unsuitable, we can’t help but indulge ourselves for time to time. Do not make promises that you know you won’t be able to keep, especially if it involves your friends,


Perhaps you are finding that you are constantly being hurt when those you are close to do not measure up to your expectations, then perhaps you should expect less of people? It may sound harsh but it is an easy way to avoid disappointment. Even though you enjoy being active and productive, your thoughts will count for a lot today Virgo so stay positive!


They say that patience is a virtue and you will be in need of it today Libra as certain people will put your coping skills to the test, particularly if they know exactly how to push your buttons. While it might be tempting, do not rush something you have been working on for a while just for the sake of being finished.


No matter how hard you try or how much coaxing you do, if someone does not want to be honest with you, unfortunately you cannot make them so do not old your breath waiting for the response you have been hoping for. Thankfully dreaming up ideas is completely free, but putting them into action however is not. If someone offers you advice on how to save money on expenses – take it!


You won’t be alone in your approach to hard work today; your co-workers will be equally appalled by the thought! Unfortunately though, work still needs to be done so it’s best to work together to get everything completed on time. Perhaps someone has challenged you in some way or implied that you won’t be able to achieve what you have set out to do; this will only serve to strengthen your determination.


A bit of R&R is always a welcome treat so if you get the opportunity to down (your metaphorical) tools today, you should jump at the chance Capricorn. Your innate ability to create something beautiful out of nothing will be showcased to its full ability. Perhaps you have found yourself in a difficult position that you tried very hard to avoid; if this is the case then remember to stay polite to the people involved.


It is possible that for some unknown reason, you may not be in the best of spirits today Aquarius and the everyday things in life will end up getting you down. These could be family troubles or financial woes. Try to see the brighter side and tomorrow you may be feeling a lot better. An unexpected social gathering over the coming days will encourage you to be a little braver going forward.


Your imagination has the ability to run wild today Pisces, so try to reign it in before you start to believe your own imagination. Someone in a position of power, such as a boss or a manager, may become too demanding of you in the next few days and if this is the case, you need to let him or her know that they are putting too much pressure on you.