Look to your elders for advice, Cancer.

On the 30th of October Arians will dare to try a dangerous experiment with their appearance. When you get back from the salon, your friends and relatives won’t be able to hold back their surprised sighs. A completely different person will stand before them, someone with a surprisingly attractive appearance.

Taureans will spend the whole day in the company of the one they love. Several times you will be just one step away from an argument, but you will be wise in your approach, and you won’t spoil this Sunday with ridiculous fights.

On this day Geminis should spend their energy wisely. If you take on a very labour-intensive task, the result will be catastrophic exhaustion. Don’t be afraid to say no to all the requests for help you get from friends and relatives – only do the things which are really important to you.

Today Cancers will experience the need for a wise mentor. A certain complicated matter will arise in your life, and you won’t be able to deal with it on your own. You will call a friend who has helped you repeatedly in the past, but your friend will already have plans for Sunday. You will have to turn to your neighbor for help.

On the 30th of October 2016 Leos will buy an extremely expensive interior item. This item will provoke the jealousy of your friends, and you will have reason to be proud. In the evening you will have another reason to be happy – while going for a walk you will meet a person you haven’t seen in many years.

On this day Virgos are not advised to trust strangers. The person who shows up in your life could prove to be a fraud, hiding his greedy nature behind his attractive appearance. Think twice before making friends with anyone you meet on the street or in cyberspace.

Today Libras will get into debt. You will go to the mall with your children, and there they will see a simply fabulous gaming device. You will try to explain to your children that this object is very expensive, and that it buying it would ruin your plans for the future. Your children won’t understand, and so you will have to concede, and begrudgingly buy this thing on credit.

Scorpios will be followed by minor failures the whole day. You will lose a certain irreplaceable item, you won’t be able to buy something you planned to, and in the evening you will have a fight with one of your relatives over something ridiculous.

On this day Sagittarians will be characterized by heightened activity. You will gladly take on even the most labor-intensive tasks, without feeling at all fatigued by them. After accomplishing a whole list of challenging tasks during the day, you will decide to spend the evening actively too by going to the public swimming pool or gym.

On this day it will not be safe for Capricorns to travel far from home. On the way you could hear some amazing news, due to which you will have to go back, abandoning your plans. It is also possible that you might feel unwell on the road.

Today Aquarians will not be able to resist a certain person’s charm. You will go out to have fun in the company of your significant other, and at this event you will meet an enchanting person. You won’t be able to stop yourself from flirting.

On the 30th of October 2016 Pisces will have many reasons to be delighted. You will buy something which you have dreamed of getting for a long time, spend a lot of time with your best friend, and at the end of the day you will turn into a romantic in the company of a person you are fond of.