A relaxed Sunday seems unlikely today, Capricorn. 



Pondering and perhaps even questioning things you have believed for a long time will be something Aries is likely to do this Sunday. You may find yourself getting lost in thought so be careful if you have more pressing, urgent tasks to attend to.


Taurus, you may well have your other half to blame if things don’t necessarily go according to plan today. However don’t be so quick to pint the finger and judge and it might be you who is in the wrong next time and they will be very quick to remind you!


Gemini, try your best to resist temptation today, regardless of how good the offer appears to be. If you do decide to give in, consider what is on offer very carefully first. A friend might give you the opportunity of becoming involved in a new venture, but don’t just agree because the two of you are friends.


Cancer will really see the importance of letting the more creative side f their personality shine through today. This might mean that other areas will have to take a bit of a back seat for a while, but it’s unlikely to bother you very much. Think of other, more interesting ways, to spread some good news!


Be careful of what you say today Leo, and even more careful of how you say it as there is a big chance that your words will cause offence to someone else – particularly of their views and worlds away from your own.


Virgo, you would be better off doing your own thing this Sunday and avoiding any unnecessary fuss or activities. Instead use this quiet time to regroup and decide what your next move will be. This time will be invaluable to you in the future.


Libra, you will receive some news today that will seem like music to your ears. This is likely to be something that you have been waiting to hear for a long time now and you will be very relieved when it does. Visiting a friend will be a nice way to send a few hours.


Scorpio may find themselves in a sticky spot today and will have a bit of difficulty getting out of it. If this is the case then don’t be too proud to ask for some help. Even if you aren’t particularly fond of a friend’s new partner, don’t be too harsh when giving an opinion.


Meeting new people and making new friends will be something Sagittarius will not find very difficult this Sunday. Remember to be yourself and not pretend to be something you aren’t when taking part in conversations.


Capricorn, it seems as though you are in for a particularly busy Sunday and the chances of you getting to spend it chilling out and doing your own thing are looking very unlikely. Instead it looks like you will spend most of the day racing around from one task to another!


A nice bonus at work or perhaps even some cash that you weren’t expecting will make today all the more sweeter for you Aquarius. Why not use this as an investment in something you have wanted for a long time? Be wise with what you spend it on.


Being tactful, polite and handling yourself correctly according to the situation you find yourself in, are skills that Pisces will be able to reply fully on today. You won’t think twice about helping a friend who could use your support.