You won’t be short of attention today, Aries.



You will be spoiled with attention today Aries, and this will include some very flattering comments as well. However be careful that you do not take this too far as you don’t want to lead someone on if you’re really not interested in them.


Taurus, this Sunday you will hold certain things very close to your heart ad special memories have the potential to make you feel slightly emotional. A really good friend will share some amazing news with you, which you will be more than happy to hear!


Chatting, talking and catching up with friends and family will be one of your main goals throughout the day Gemini. You will want to find out all about what they have been up to recently and will be delighted to hear what they have to say.


If you find yourself caught up in some sort or argument or disagreement, then this Sunday you will do everything you can to remain neutral in the situation Cancer – particularly if this is some sort of family drama. This fighting will only amount to time wasting in your opinion.


Leo you’ll be very anxious to take care of people and things today, particularly if they are unable to look after themselves. Therefore there is a big chance you will end up spoiling a small child or even a beloved pet with attention.


Try your best to refrain from crazy sending today Virgo, despite how difficult you might find this to begin with. This will seem very difficult at the time, however you might come to realise that what you have had your eye on is not what it seems.


Libra is likely to be cautious and reluctant to rush into things this Sunday without properly assessing the situation first. You might begin to see that the person you’ve had feelings for, actually feels the same way about you. This will make you feel shy and happy at the same time.


Scorpio, your sense of adventure will lead you to taking some risks that you normally wouldn’t this Sunday. However, don’t get too confident too quickly as you may end up doing something silly. Carefully plan any trips you’re planning on taking in the near future.


You will be all about positive vibes and good energy this Sunday Sagittarius and others will find it very difficult to put a downer on your mood. An unexpected trip or drive could be the perfect thing to take your mind off any worries or concerns that you have.


Capricorn, today you will meet someone you never expected to run into and it will absolutely make your day! However, you’ll be able to enjoy their company in a completely non-romantic way. The conversations that ensue will prove very interesting.


You will find yourself in a very difficult and tricky situation this Sunday Aquarius and your inner-confidence will have to come into play. Unfortunately a good friend will let you down by suddenly cancelling plans you had made in advance.


A home makeover and some interior decorating will be something you will be very happy to get stuck into today Pisces. A few new purchases will make all the difference and will brighten up your day too. An old flame will remind you that you did the right thing by ending the relationship.